A web-based multi-module management system designed by Metafuse.

About Project Insight

Project Insight is the leading mid-market enterprise project management solution that bridges experienced project managers with team members that need an ‘easy to use’ project solution. Project Insight is 100% web-based and connects geographically dispersed project teams through any browser in the world. The software is used by IT, software development, product development, and web development teams like Honda, Target, Merrill Lynch and Tempur-Pedic.

If you are looking for a way to manage projects and project budgets and export budget information to your accounting system, Project Insight may be integrated with all ODBC compliant accounting solutions.

Project Insight is offered in Workgroup Edition, Workgroup Pro and Enterprise Edition. Project Insight Workgroup may be augmented with the following add-on modules

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Advanced Accounting

This add-on includes the ability to create invoices within Project Insight which can then be exported out to Excel, QuickBooks and subsequently imported into one’s accounting system.

Advanced Permissions

This add-on allows project teams to be separated from one another. These permissions allow system administrators to segregate project teams, create unique resource pools, and even set permissions on a single item.

Issue Tracking

This add-on allows project teams to track task level and project level issues, their history and resolution status.

Project Management Professional

This add-on offers experienced project managers advanced scheduling capabilities such as auto-rescheduling, cross project dependencies, and cross project resource allocation.

Workflow and Approvals

This add-on allows team members to route tasks, projects, documents and other items for approval. All approvals track acceptance, rejection and the reason why.

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User Reviews of Project Insight

Submitted on November 4th, 2019 by a Project Insight user from American Academy of Pediatrics

Project Insight allows us to centralize and manage all of our product data, giving us a clear view of all our projects. We can manage day-to-day projects, knowing who’s working on what, as well as the phase each project is in.