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About ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is a project management solution designed to be flexible enough to handle project management in small, medium and large businesses. ProWorkflow will scale to match the growth needs in your business whether a freelancer, small business or corporate, so you just need to focus on the work!

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ProWorkflow Benefits

The top benefits of ProWorkflow include:

Easy Project, Task & Time Tracking!

ProWorkflow is a fast, easy to use project management and time tracking solution.

The application has been designed from the ground up with your most important asset in mind: Your Staff!

ProWorkflow helps you keep accurate timesheets, project schedules and delegate project tasks whilst using the timeline to have an overview of company activity.

Desktop & Mobile

ProWorkflow is designed to run beautifully in a browser on your desktop PC/Mac or on your touchscreen mobile, smartphone or tablet.

The desktop version runs in all modern web browsers and is a comprehensive, powerful, online project management tool.

The mobile web application will run in the browser on any modern smartphone

Accounting Integration

Invoices created in ProWorkflow can be syncronized with a number of popular online account solutions.

Contacts and invoice statuses can be updated automatically between the two apps, streamlining your billing process and saving you admin time.

ProWorkflow currently syncs with:

  • Xero
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Quickbooks Desktop
  • Kashflow

Fanatical Support!

ProWorkflow staff are fanatical about providing great support!

As well as email and phone support, they’ve created a number of support resources to get you sorted. Check out the support page for more info.

There’s also built in help, webinars & support videos to get you up to speed!

ProWorkflow Features

The core features of ProWorkflow include:

Branding & Configuration

Easily adapt to project requirement, more easily generate visual report and infographic, comprehensive access to control. Adjust the color scheme and logos for your ProWorkflow account and it just feels like home.

The solution is very easy to integrate into daily operations. It is intuitive to use, allowing managers the ability to have a timeline and timesheet based oversight of activity, and employees to see only what they need to, in order to manage their projects and track their time.

Key Features:

  • Add company logos and colour - It is possible to upload a custom logo as well as changing the colour schemes used throughout ProWorkflow.
  • Logos can be added to Quotes, Invoices and Reports
  • You can add a login link from your own website (input HTML)
  • Give your site a name
  • Personalized URL
  • Change variable for Project
  • Add Headerlinks to the header
  • Add weblinks to your favourites for easy access
  • Choose your start page
  • One Click Navigation - if you use first tab in series a lot, you can choose to go there by default.
  • People can choose per user whether they receive email alerts or only onscreen notifications
  • Save your own favourites using favourite star
  • Time can be set per user( good for staff in different states/countries)
  • Auto- numbering for Projects/Quotes/ Invoices
  • Show/hide empty categories for Projects, Task, note page
  • Can choose whether clients and contractors see public messages
  • Add your information option for adding clients, staff and contractors
  • Custom report - create the report with the information fields and search filters you want
  • Set PDF default and select your own margins etc when exporting as PDF
  • Set currency and can add your own if not listed
  • Set up users with own roles and permissions defined by you
  • Create custom workflow (task templates)
  • Configure which module etc are shown for new projects
  • Configure what information is quested for entry in project request
  • Category editor - create your own project, general task and note categories
  • Create your own set of contact tags to assign to contacts
  • Configure default section text for Quotes and Invoices
  • For Advanced plan, custom fields for projects can be reported on, can filter reports by these


ProWorkflow makes it simple and easy to manage all of your Contacts. Your Staff, Clients and Contractors can collaborate on projects & tasks as needed.

The Contact manager is a central hub for all of your Contacts. Store important notes and detailed information about the companies and contacts you work with.

Managing your Contacts has never been easier; enable/disable access permissions, tag, personalize, add a Google map, group and update details easily. Use the ‘Bulk Email’ feature to mail groups or all of your contacts.

Key Features:

  • Access contact Information on your Mobile
  • One place for all of your contacts
  • Date-Stamped contact notes
  • Bulk email feature
  • Group contacts with tags
  • Store social networking information
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Comprehensive user permissions


It’s easy to upload and share files on your projects and tasks. Drag and drop files from the desktop and use messages for simple file collaboration.

Adding files is easy. Just drag and drop the files onto a Project, Task or Project Request. Alternatively use the ‘Add File’ feature to upload a single or multiple files.

Using the ‘File Space Manager’ in the Settings, you can quickly manage all your uploaded files, allowing you to keep your account size under control.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop upload for multiple files
  • 100 MB File Size limit per file
  • 25 GB File Storage per account (upgrades available)
  • File Sharing
  • Files available for both Active and Archived Projects
  • A vast array of compatible file formats (documents, images, videos etc)
  • Client, Contractor and Staff access to files
  • Easily organize files in Custom folders, Task folders or Project folders within a Project

Why Does File Sharing Matter? Centralized file sharing on projects is a highly efficient way to manage your work and team. Having all staff working on one project page with one set of files eliminates confusions and errors.


Collaborate, communicate, discuss and keep the team informed with Messages.

ProWorkflow makes it easy to have all relevant communications relating to a Project in one central place.

Communicate with team members, clients and contractors by starting a discussion (private or public) within a Project or a Task. Attach relevant files to the discussion ensuring that all resources are at your fingertips.

Recipients can reply to the message direct form their email client and replies are added to the project discussion. Easy!

Key Features:

  • Communicate with Staff, Clients and Contractors
  • Reply directly from your email client
  • Privacy control
  • Email and onscreen notifications
  • Easy collaboration with File Sharing
  • Embed HTML elements such as images into discussions
  • One central place for all relevant communications related to a Project or Task


We designed ProWorkflow Mobile to bring the power of your ProWorkflow account to your touchscreen smartphone or tablet. As well as standard features like time tracking and task management, you can download files and keep colleagues up to date with built-in messaging.

Powerful reporting lets you keep track of your projects as well as checking your workload before you take on that next contract.

Working on the move…

  • View your upcoming Tasks
  • Track time easily and quickly
  • Create and edit Projects and Tasks
  • Check and approve Clients’ Project Requests
  • View Files and Messages
  • View Reports on Projects, Tasks, Time and Financial Data
  • View contact details including location maps and more!


Working on projects is made easy as all project info is kept on one organized page.

This Project dashboard can be seen by assigned staff, clients and contractors and includes tasks, time, messages, files, quotes, invoices and more.

Drag and drop functionality and simple task scheduling allow quick and easy project setup and editing. Resource, time and cost management can all be handled from the project dashboard. The messaging tool makes it easy to collaborate in the cloud with your clients!

Additionally, clients can submit Project Requests directly into your project management system but ultimately you control the flow of work and manage the workload.

Key Features:

  • One page project dashboard
  • Flexible, easy task control
  • Easy task and time management
  • File sharing
  • Project Timelines
  • Centralised messaging & collaboration
  • Access control through permissions & settings
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Client access and request ability
  • Intuitive editing options

Quotes and Invoices

Easily create both quotes and invoices in ProWorkflow. Send to clients and manage cashflow easily.

They’ve designed both of these plugins to be very similar in the way they work. This means that when you’ve learnt one, you’ll also know how to use the other. Create a quote, approve to create a project and when done, create the invoice. Easy!

Invoice Manager

Easily create invoices based on time tracked, or use simple line items & quoted amounts.

Once you’ve created your invoices you can send them direct to your clients from ProWorkflow via email. If you prefer to send them through your own email address, you can export your invoice to XML, PDF or CSV and simply attach it to an email.

With the Invoice Plugin You can:

  • Easily create Invoices based on Quoted prices, hourly rates or standard line items
  • Include project expenses
  • Create invoices from current quotes
  • Add regular charges to your “Fixed Cost Items” library and use them in any invoice
  • Drag and Drop to arrange line items easily
  • Send your invoices to your client as a PDF with the sent date recorded in ProWorkflow
  • Setup invoice templates for different companies
  • Manage negative line items and discounts
  • Export your invoices to XML, CSV or PDF for archiving or analysis
  • Produce reports. An excellent format for sending statements to clients

Quotes Manager

This easy to use quotes creator is highly flexible and will help you keep track of potential revenue.

Once you’ve created your Quotes you can send them direct to your clients from ProWorkflow via email. If you prefer to send them through your own email address then you can export your Quote to XML, PDF or CSV and simply attach it to an email.

With the Quotes Plugin You can:

  • Create Quotes based on hourly rates or standard line items
  • Add regular charges to your “Fixed Cost Items” library and use them in any Quote
  • Drag and Drop to arrange line items easily
  • Send your Quotes to your client as a PDF with the sent date recorded in ProWorkflow
  • Setup invoice templates for different companies
  • Manage negative line items and discounts
  • Export your Quotes to XML, CSV or PDF for archiving or analysis
  • Produce reports. An excellent format for sending statements to clients


ProWorkflow has many built in reports to get you started and a comprehensive custom reports builder for when you need more specific information.

The pre-made reports provide you detailed information on workload, performance, resources, individual projects, general projects, tasks, time, invoices and quotes. These reports can be restricted to certain users within your organisation.

In addition, there are Custom Reports. These allow you to select the info you want to report on and design the report.

All reports can be exported into XML, CSV and PDF formats and opened in Excel.

Key Features:

  • Resource reports on staff and time
  • Workload breakdown reports
  • Time based reports
  • Individual project reports
  • General project reports
  • Task reports
  • People reports
  • Exporting options (XML, CSV, PDF)
  • Email reports
  • Custom report designer

Resource Management

Using the central project pages and timeline, project managers can easily assign projects and tasks and keep track of time tracked and deadlines. The live alerts will keep project managers informed of all activity on projects and tasks.

Key Features:

  • Assign users to tasks to view who work on what task at a glance
  • Allocate Time to tasks
  • Time allocated can be split equally to each assigned User and each day Note: eight hours per day is standard for all users. Time allocated can be exceeded but will show in red
  • Workload calculation is shown below the timeline in the project detail page
  • Time summary (weekly/monthly view) for each Project can be exported to Excel
  • Staff Workload Schedule Report
  • Staff Performance Report
  • View the summary of Staff Performance/workload at the Contacts Manager
  • Overdue items show in red and easily see which tasked need more staff of Time Allocated
  • Time Summary can be filtered by staff member, be grouped by projects
  • Hourly rate for Staff and Task in Quotes/invoices settings

Task Management

Task management is easy! They have developed a powerful user friendly bulk task editor so you can quickly create & delegate tasks.

Projects are broken down by the creation of tasks. These tasks are essentially actions or steps to complete a project and may include start/due dates, allocated times, assigned staff, statuses, file attachments and more.

Collaborate on tasks between multiple staff, clients and contractors using the messaging tool. This keeps everyone in the loop.

Tasks can be created for external clients, contractors and also for internal organisation purposes that are not relevant to any project. Use the Tasks Page for a variety of different views such as upcoming, client, customizable categories and dates.

Key Features:

  • Tasks accessible through the app and addons
  • Sortable and searchable Tasks page
  • Track time on tasks
  • Upload files to tasks
  • Collaborate using messaging on tasks
  • Overdue alerts and notifications
  • Assign staff, clients & contractors


If you need to make similar project or task structures regularly, create a template to automate the process! This will save time and money!

Templates help you to recreate similar projects without needing to go through the same procedures to create a project normally. Using templates can streamline your project workflow process.

Complex and detailed project information such as a mixture of dates, time, resources and scheduling can all be carried over onto a Project from a template.

Key Features:

  • Easy Task templates
  • Project templates (Advanced plan only)
  • Hassle free re-creation of similar projects
  • Carry over key project information- dates, time, resource allocation and scheduling
  • Recurring task templates
  • Flexible drag and drop task editor
  • Add multiple templates to a project
  • Repetitions in your workflow can easily be automated through the use of project and task templates. This enables you to spend less time on excess administration work and more time on the actual work!


The Timesheet page has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use, fast and clear.

Click a task and drag on the Timesheet to track the time - that’s it!

Move time entries around the Timesheet by drag and drop or just double click to edit them.

If you are entering multiple time entries (ie: you wish to enter all of your time for a week), then use the ‘Direct Entry’ tab. This allows you to enter bulk time records. We’ve given you maximum control and flexibility allowing you to work the way that suits you.

Easily generate and filter Timesheet reports from the ‘Summary’ tab. These can be prrinted or exported as required.

Key Features:

  • Drag entry to edit time
  • Start / Stop time tracker
  • Direct Entry for bulk time entry
  • Instant Task search / filtering
  • Navigate back / forward through the weeks
  • Show only this weeks tasks to work on
  • Show completed Tasks
  • Mark tasks as complete
  • Time rounding and working hours
  • Tool tips on time entries
  • Collapse projects on list
  • Easily generate summary reports
  • Filter generated reports
  • One click print and export of Summary reports

To use the built in tracker on the top nav bar and start working, then stop when you finish. You can find the Timer located in the header, next to Tasks, or use the Timesheet function.


The way they’ve approached this is to create a number of different pages focussed on different approaches to viewing the workload. This way you can just use the management pages that best suit your businesses workflow.

Workload Breakdown Report

There are many ways to view and manage your workload in ProWorkflow

Not all businesses work the same or have the same needs, so it’s not practical to create one page to manage workflow.

This report shows the average load (in hours) of your staff based on the allocated times on tasks. Easily spot load issues or staff with free time. Move tasks around to balance the workflow and workload.


The gantt styles Timeline is a powerful way to see an overview of all projects and tasks. Comprehensive filtering helps you drill down to just the info you need to see. All bars are drag and drop, show time tracked and there’s also a workload report at the bottom.

Active Staff View

On the Dashboard, if you click the ‘Activity > Staff’ tab, you can easily see which staff are logged in and what they’re currently tracking time on. It’s a great management view!

ProWorkflow Pricing

The cost of ProWorkflow starts at $10/month/user (billed annually) for their Solo version, which is ideal for freelancers. The Solo version is capped at 10 projects. Their Professional version includes unlimited projects and starts at $20/month/user. There is no free trial available. There is no free vesrion available.

Starting Price
$10 /user/month
Price Range Learn More
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Pricing Details
Billed annually.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of ProWorkflow

Submitted on August 21st, 2020 by Mark Chandler

We use ProWorkflow to help manage our consulting projects. The projects are not very involved in terms of the steps, but the number of projects is high. So, it is the best software of its kind that we have seen as a project portfolio management tool.

The Good…

ProWorkflow is very easy to use and perfect for our needs.

The Bad…

No qualms with the software.