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A full ERP system designed by Profit Solutions International for commercial & service and construction companies.

About LeanEra Project

Strategic and Complex Projects Require Careful Management.

LeanEra Delivers.

Profit Solutions International provides agile solutions for manufacturing industries. These systems align with your existing processes to help you maintain business objectives and meet your business goals. LeanEra gives project managers a streamlined approach to tracking project details. You can have your financial controls, procurement and project execution managed electronically for access to the information you need – when you need it. LeanEra Project is an integrated solution for project-based organizations. And it is ideally suited for solar companies. The powerful yet easy-to-use software manages project scheduling, project costing and accounting, sales and purchasing, documents and financials.

Going Green Is About More Than Social Responsibility.

It’s also about managing a solar development project to avoid cost overruns and maximize profitability. Green is the color of profit. Recent legislation in Ontario has created the opportunity for commercial properties to earn additional revenue by generating solar energy and contributing it to the grid. The process, which begins with an application to the Feed-In Tariff program (FIT), involves significant capital investment, multiple players and thousands of small simultaneous and sequential tasks to fulfill the process and complete the project on time and on budget. Given the level of investment, lengthy process and multiple parties involved, these projects come with cash flow challenges and require strong financial monitoring. Each individual project and task must be tightly managed to ensure the availability of resources and complete the installation on time and on budget.

Solar Project Development Initiatives Require Tight Project and Financial Management.

  • Perhaps your solar development firm currently has hundreds of projects in progress, each one at a different stage. It has become a nightmare to monitor what stage in the process each one is at – whether fulfillment of OPA requirements, FIT application, or Engineering, or if you are at the procurement stage. Each installation requires careful detail management.
  • You have to rely on project software to monitor the project status, a CRM system to manage clients, and accounting software to manage invoices and purchasing. Integrating these applications is costly and still doesn’t provide a complete picture of the projects. To get a realistic view, you have to log into three or four separate software applications to collect the critical data and consolidate it into Excel.

You don’t have to operate this way. To manage your projects effectively, you need to have a clear picture of the project lifecycle, from engagement, financing, FIT application, and engineering to commissioning, inventory management and accounting. That’s where LeanERA Project comes in.

A Fully Integrated System

LeanERA Project helps you navigate the maze of developing a solar project, from FIT application, CIA permits, project budgeting, procurement, construction management to commissioning and operation. Specifically configured designed for solar project developers, LeanEra Project provides a fully integrated view of project schedules, portfolio management, documents and financial indicators. LeanEra Project is a project-centric ERP system. It imitates the operation of a project-based company – all operations evolve around the ‘Project’.

Document Management

Centralized Management

  • Documents are stored centrally, and can be accessed from anywhere
  • Attach documents to purchase order, sales order, vendors, customers and any transaction record
  • Search by tags, keywords, categories and document dates

Project Binder

Project “Binder” groups all documents related to a project for viewing and selective printing in the project master

Project Financials

The power of the LeanEra system lies in the real-time project accounting and financial management. Each financial transaction can be tied in to project tasks and grouped by cost codes in real-time. Project budgeting can be developed at the task level. Every project can be reviewed on a budget, forecast or actual level through the project financial reports. With this level of detail available, financial comparisons can be made on the project, company, and multi-currency level.


  • Project-specific sales order
  • Progressive invoicing according to project schedules
  • Automatic email notifications and easy invoice generation


  • Allows project manager to create project and project task specific purchase requests directly from project master
  • Handles project-specific purchase orders
  • Multi-level purchase approval process and notifications
  • Progressive payment according to project schedules and milestone completion status

Real-Time Project Accounting

Transactions can tie-in to specific projects and tasks for real-time project accounting Project P/L reports present a complete and clear view of project cost, expenses, and revenue from multiple angles.

Project Management

Project Management

Templates and Portfolio

  • Create a template for a portfolio of projects
  • Template carries common process, tasks, activities and budget structure for a project

Task Management

  • Task dependencies
  • Budget, activities, costs, documents and resources can all be registered at task level for a clear view of everything related to each and every tasks in a project
  • Report and compare budget and cost of a task with all projects in a portfolio

Gantt and Scheduling

Issue Tracking

  • Track project issues
  • Color coded issue status
  • Track due dates for issue resolutions

Budget Management

  • Budget can be setup at any task and sub-task level
  • Every task can have multiple categories of budget
  • Budget can grouped under different groups for budget-cost analysis
  • Up to three sets of budget can be established at different stages of the project
  • Budget approval and lock down
  • Budget change log and notes

Resource and Time Sheet

Time Sheet and Expenses Tracking

  • Automatically create timesheets with tasks assigned to the user
  • Easily add a set of tasks from different projects to the timesheet
  • Labor costs and expenses can be tied to each and every project at task level

Resource Assigning

  • Assign resources to projects and tasks
  • Instant email notification to the assignee
  • Assignment to roles or to the individuals

Product Overview

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