Changepoint Project Portfolio Management

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A multi-module management system designed by Changepoint.

About Changepoint Project Portfolio Management

This integrated approach incorporates the disciplines of Portfolio Planning, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Application Portfolio Management (APM) and the management of resources involved in all aspects of the portfolio lifecycle. Ultimately, Changepoint’s PPM software is designed to function by seamlessly integrating the critical processes and data needed for effective IT management.

Changepoint focuses on the unique characteristics of these critical areas with specific functionality, metrics and a collaborative environment to provide greater visibility into, and control of, the IT portfolio. Changepoint PPM software not only gives you more accurate oversight, but also helps bring information together through its integrated design to assist in decision making that takes the entire portfolio into account. Changepoint Accelerators for PPM are pre-configured packages that can put your organization on the fast track to delivering maximum value from your Changepoint investment. The solution helps you create a truly integrated IT organization, as a business within a business, to maximize IT value. Furthermore, it can be delivered effectively as a flexible SaaS enterprise software solution.

Client Collaboration

Understanding the client’s perspective of their business is a powerful view. From the basics of knowing key contacts within each client organization to more sophisticated information gained from client scorecards that measure satisfaction across all services offered, IT leaders can leverage this information to communicate value back to their line-of-business colleagues and help set and guide objectives for their IT resources.

Changepoint’s client collaboration tools include:

  • activity tracking and status updates
  • online collaboration and discussion forums
  • client self-service and request initiation through a client portal
  • client internal-activity histories
  • measurement of client satisfaction across all interaction with IT.

IT Project Portfolio Management

Changepoint’s IT portfolio management and investment planning capability allows IT executives to accurately assess IT investment opportunities while collaborating with line-of-business colleagues. IT can make better funding decisions based on business priorities and resource availability, and balance risk and return while exploring multiple funding scenarios. The use of defined, repeatable criteria and business processes help drive better decision making.

With Changepoint’s IT PPM software, companies now have the power to determine which strategic projects should be funded and added to the portfolio based on key business criteria and in accordance with governance processes. This collaborative environment enables informed decision making and offers transparency into the process with the ability to:

  • create and track top-down investment goals that are used to fund each investment
  • collect all demand items from the business through easy-to-use forms and implement defined business processes for the review and approval of each proposed investment
  • build detailed time-phased budgets for each potential investment, including resource requirements and any other non-human related costs, without the rigor of building a detailed project plan
  • select and prioritize proposed candidates for IT investments that best support business priorities, balancing risk and value
  • analyze alternate portfolios with flexible what-if scenario capabilities and save prospective portfolio scenarios for future reference.

Once a proposed investment has been approved, Changepoint helps you manage resource allocation and provides visibility into overall project health via its IT Project Portfolio Management (PPM) capabilities.

Knowledge Management

Changepoint’s knowledge management functionality lets your organization create a corporate learning community where process, industry or customer-related knowledge is stored and searchable for easy sharing between key stakeholders. In addition, line-of-business collaboration is provided through a web-based client portal to facilitate information sharing, request submission and feedback opportunities. Additional capabilities include:

  • document management with version control
  • support for rich data types and full-text searches
  • topic subscription and notifications
  • integration with third-party knowledge and collaboration products.

New Product Development

The success of New Product Development (NPD) is based on correctly understanding and anticipating market needs and opportunities. Executive Leadership and Product Management regularly face challenges on allocating organizational resources to launch the right product at the right time. Making a mistake on which product to bring to market or living with product launch overruns can be financially devastating for an organization.

Launching Ideas Into Revenue Generating Offerings

Changepoint combines Project Portfolio Management, New Product Development (NPD) and Release Planning best practices for a comprehensive and holistic solution enabling unified management visibility and control into product development.

Changepoint product portfolio management software adds velocity to the product development process – a market leader’s key attribute – through complete product portfolio visibility, ideation and execution insight, process automation and improved resource utilization throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Changepoint product portfolio management helps you define product strategy and roadmaps by capturing and prioritizing demand for new products, features and enhancements across multiple product lines. You can also support each customer’s unique needs by consolidating knowledge and by tracking issues and enhancement requests, and proactively respond to requests to enable a more collaborative customer relationship.

  • Integrated voice of the customer throughout all stages of product development
  • Process Automation for governance, audit and quality at critical decision points
  • The right resource at the right time for the right contribution needs – Resource Management
  • Risk mitigation and management during ideation, portfolio selection, development and launch
  • Financial analysis and controls ensuring alignment of investments to initiatives

Performance Management

By helping you accurately define, monitor and measure performance, Changepoint enhances the overall performance of your most valuable asset: your IT staff. Valuable performance metrics significantly improve your ability to provide targeted mentoring and training, detailed performance plans, and timely employee recognition and awards for jobs well done. Changepoint empowers employees to understand and take action guided by performance metrics that directly affect their continued success and the success of the IT organization as a whole with:

  • predefined metrics in key areas such as time submission, task status and approval compliance
  • individual and team-based employee performance results, visible through role-based portals
  • integrated survey management capabilities to drive metrics that measure peer and client satisfaction.

Survey Management

With survey management you can leverage integrated survey capabilities to gather information from subject matter experts; track and monitor client satisfaction continually with services levels at the team, system or individual resource level; and rate employees and teams on their performance. Survey management from Changepoint PPM also allows you to:

  • gather qualitative information to support better decision making
  • provide continuous feedback to employees on their performance
  • track client satisfaction with applications, projects and services

Time Tracking

Changepoint IT Project Portfolio Management provides automated and integrated capabilities for time reporting, allowing IT managers to view reports for expended hours by request, project, application, resource or client.

Changepoint helps IT managers track actual costs and cross-charge line-of-business clients with:

  • time tracking against both project and non-project work
  • compliance measurement and reporting with automated reminders
  • multi-level configurable approval workflow
  • offline time reporting using a mobile device such as a smartphone.

Workflow Management

Changepoint’s workflow management capabilities enable IT managers to define, automate and trace process workflows. Changepoint automates resource-intensive processes allowing you to define, implement, assign, execute and change workflows – delivering flexibility and repeatability to all IT work with:

  • a web-based graphical design tool for creating simple or complex workflows
  • visibility into workflow for participants
  • notifications for workflow participation sent to the portal
  • predefined workflow steps (such as approval, action or the issue of a survey) to build business process.
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User Reviews of Changepoint Project Portfolio Management

Submitted on November 3rd, 2019 by Andrea Bennetti

Our reporting tools were cumbersome and could be used only by a few people. We needed a system that could branch from the UK. With Daptiv PPM, it’s easier to manage more projects at one time, because we can streamline every business process. Projects in our industry can take a year or more, so being able to manage project effectively significantly impacts us. Time spent on projects has been significantly reduced and productivity has increased by 30%, on average.