Seapine ALM

A software system designed by Seapine Software.

About Seapine ALM

Seapine Software was acquired by Perforce Software in late 2016. Because of this, Seapine ALM is no longer sold or supported. Perforce recommends Helix ALM as a replacement.


Seapine ALM - Integrate Quality Into Every Stage of Development

Designed for the most demanding software development environments, Seapine’s application lifecycle management (ALM) solution is built on scalable, feature-rich, team-based tools that can be used separately for superior requirements management, issue tracking, software configuration management, automated software testing, load testing, or test case management–or seamlessly integrated for end-to-end traceability of artifacts and more efficient control of the application development process.

Deliver Faster

Seapine ALM tools help you deliver products faster by eliminating steps, streamlining processes, and automating repetitive tasks.

  • Automated workflow features in Surround SCM and the TestTrack product family keep your development and QA processes moving quickly. Seapine ALM tools automatically assign tasks and notify team members using workflow rules you define.
  • Integration between all Seapine ALM tools eliminates time-consuming data entry. When defects are discovered by QA Wizard Pro, they can be automatically entered into TestTrack. Access test cases managed by TestTrack from QA Wizard Pro.
  • Automating functional and regression testing with QA Wizard Pro enables you to complete testing sooner by running tests on multiple computers day and night.
  • Load testing Web applications with QA Wizard Pro enables you to identify where bottlenecks occur–memory, CPU, network, or database–and what it takes to break your application.

Lower Costs

Seapine ALM tools lower costs by reducing the software management costs and automating manual tasks.

  • Well-designed administration features simplify management of Seapine’s ALM tools, allowing you to focus on developing software instead of babysitting yet another complex application.
  • The later a defect is discovered in the development process the more it costs to fix it. Seapine ALM tools manage the process end-to-end beginning with requirements, help you test more frequently through automation, and enable you to track and fix defects as they are found.
  • Automated testing with QA Wizard Pro lets you test more of your application and in the same time, with fewer testers. Having functional testing and load testing in the same tool lowers your training costs and enables your testers to work more efficiently.

Improve Quality

Seapine ALM tools improve product quality by helping you find issues faster, helping your team adhere to processes, and ensuring found issues are not forgotten.

  • Automating your testing with QA Wizard Pro helps you find and fix bugs sooner. In addition, the faster you test, the more you can test, giving you much more test coverage than you can cost-effectively accomplish through manual testing.
  • Writing and executing test cases to ensure all requirements are fulfilled is key to customer satisfaction. Having these artifacts in TestTrack helps ensure all requirements have test cases and all test cases are executed during QA cycles.
  • Enforcing repeatable and measurable processes in development and QA is critical to ensuring you can build quality products. Surround SCM and the TestTrack product line include workflow, reporting, and audit trail features that make sure the steps in your development and QA processes are followed by your team and measurable by team leads and managers.
  • Finding bugs and receiving feature requests is a great start, but if the information is not recorded and acted on by the development team, you lose the opportunity to deliver the best product. TestTrack ensures all development and QA issues are tracked, follow your company’s process, and receive the visibility they deserve.

Seapine’s integrated software development and testing tools streamline your development and QA processes–improving quality, and saving you significant time and money.

  • TestTrack for Requirements Management, Workflow and Issue Management, and Software Test Management
  • Surround SCM for Software Configuration Management
  • QA Wizard Pro for Automated Functional Testing and Load Testing
  • Seapine ALM Reporting Platform for Application Development Reporting

Product Overview

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