A business continuity and network management solution

About Datto Continuity

The Datto Continuity offers data backup, recovery, and business continuity protection for local, virtual, and cloud environments, within a single platform. This all-in-one business continuity solution can reduce the risk and labor associated with building a BCDR solution. Thisturnkey BCDR solution allows for data backup, restore, and virtualization locally or through the Datto Cloud.

Use all this to eliminate costly downtime and get back up and running locally or from the Datto Cloud.

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  • Turnkey BCDR
  • Cloud continuity for PC
  • PC backup and restore
  • Simple deployment and management
  • Support for endpoint devices up to 1 TB in size
  • SaaS protection

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User Reviews of Datto Continuity

Submitted on July 27th, 2020 by Matthew Hahn from SAX Technology Advisors

Datto’s innovative partner program approach, backed by industry best practices and partner feedback, enables new and existing partners to streamline their marketing and sales approach to help them win new business and set them apart from the competition.