Manage your retail store inventory by using RFID software.

About RIOT

RIOT is an RFID inventory management software for retailers. Specifically created for fashion retailers, RIOT RFID software solutions provide up-to-date control and visibility of inventory. The solution lets you track sales and manage inventory to save hours of manual labor.

RIOT Solutions

RIOT Insight provides a variety of software solutions that integrate together for for full retail inventory experience:

RIOT Mobile

A mobile store inventory management option available on Android or iOS, along with the use of an RFID scanner such as Zebra EFD2000. Handles inventory tracking on the salesfloor and in the backroom, including reservations (laybuy, holds, display), scanning, and tag voiding.

RIOT Encode

An instore EPC TAG encoding and activation software. The solution helps create RFID enabled tags within your store–letting your store print them on the spot whether dealing with receipts, returns, or exchanges.

RIOT Portal

The RIOT Portal stores the stock data and connects with external applications. This web-browser based portal gives you a real-time visualization of stock data, what’s being scanned in, variance configuration, auting, count confirmation, tolerance enforcement, escalation, and adjustment submission. Also allows for creating analytics and reporting.

RIOT Connect

RIOT Connect is an SDK for real-time connection to legacy systems a retailer may be using such as POS software, ERP software, order management software (OMS), and more.

Product Overview

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