Business Controller Plus

A point of sale application designed by CAM Commerce/MicroBiz.

About Business Controller Plus

MicroBiz Corp. is the leading provider of point of sale software, with sales in excess of $8.8 million. MicroBiz was founded in 1987 by Craig Aberle.

MicroBiz, with over 120,000 installations worldwide, develops point of sale products designed for the following industries: general retail, auto repair shops, hair/nail salons, video stores, liquor stores, and dry cleaners. MicroBiz dealers and end users have access to the largest technical support staff in the industry. MicroBiz programs interface with many of the leading accounting programs.

The Business Controller Plus allows users to register sales, track customers, print itemized invoices or receipts, receive and track inventory and print sales reports including reorder reports. Options include keyports, receipt printers, computer-controlled cash drawers, bar code printing and/or scanning, credit card readers, multi-user capability and accounting software integration.

The #1 Rated Point-of-Sale Software…

In a major national competition, the MicroBiz Business Controller was selected ‘Easiest to Use, Install and Configure’ (Computer Reseller News). We beat a field of competitors including Armor Systems, Dac Easy, Infocorp and Synchronics! The testing was conducted by an independent laboratory. Furthermore, in another software review - which included General Store (Chrichlow Data), Keystroke (Specialized Business Solutions) and Sellwise (Cap Automation) - MicroBiz was declared ‘the most complete POS solution of any software reviewed.’ And ‘…the undisputed leader in POS.’ (CPA Software News)

Custom Report Writer: Both of these software products include a ‘report writer’ that allows you to design your own reports and mailing labels. The possibilities are unlimited.

Sales History: The software stores a history of every sale made and keeps it forever. You can review it at any time.

Services, Kits and Serialized Items: MicroBiz can handle the sale of items that are in Kits (an example might be a package item that has 5, 10 or even 50 sub-components that you would like to keep track of.) Or Services - like a ‘Service Visit’ - which could be billed by the hour…or Serialized Items - such a major appliances like refrigerators or very expensive items that you want to keep track of by serial number (which can be scanned in!)

Sales Tax: The software supports a number of different sales taxes, and can both taxable and nontaxable items. It even does Tax by Area for those parts of the country that require such reports.

Sales reports: What are you selling? Where are your profits? Does every item in inventory make you the same amount of money? If your business is like most, the 80/20 rule applies. 80% of your profits come from 20% of the items. Find out which 20% is the most profitable, and which 20% is actually losing money for you.

Employee reports: Which of your employees made the most gross profit for the business? Is it the same one who had the highest sales figures??? Maybe not. All employees are human beings and some produce more than others. Not all employees should be paid equally. Certainly your top performers expect higher rewards for their contribution. But, calculating commission reports by hand can make a grown man cry!

With a computer system, commission reports come out automatically.

Mailing labels: Customer retention is an important part of your business. Regular mailings to customers assures your success. The software supports mailing labels in a variety of formats. You can choose customers to mail based on zip code, recency of purchase, highest purchases and even customers who have been in-active for a period of time. It is a known fact that it is six times more costly to get a new customer than to keep an old one. Why not do some mailings to past customers?

Inventory reports: All kinds of inventory reports can be produced and they can be filtered by department, vendor and more. You can even print out inventory counting lists.

Accounts receivable: If you extend terms to your clients, you’ll want the features we’ve built in. You can assign a credit limit to each customer (and password protect it to prevent anyone else from changing the limit). Each month you can automatically run statements and include finance charges. Account statements can be run on a laser printer on blank paper -or you can use preprinted forms on a laser or dot matrix printer. We’ve even included options such as the ability to suppress statements for clients with a balance below a certain amount - such as $10 or less.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

Business Controller Plus is designed primarily for use in the retail industry.

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