Celerant Command Retail

A multi-module management system designed by Celerant for retail trade companies.

About Celerant Command Retail

Celerant Command Retail is a real-time POS retail management system that manages all areas of a retail organization including point of sale, sales back office, inventory management, warehouse, distribution center, allocation, multi-channel/e-commerce/kiosk, data mining, and more, in a single integrated system.

Celerant Technology provides a multi-channel retail software solution within one system. All retail channels are integrated, seamlessly, with one centralized database, providing real-time visibility throughout the enterprise. The POS software at the retail store(s), E-Commerce site, mail/phone order and catalog, and warehouse are integrated within one, real-time system, eliminating the need to re-enter data and online orders.

Our advantage is the flexibility of our Java platform, allowing Celerant professionals to conduct cost-effective analysis and adaptation based on the individual needs of each retailer. The result is a better system that meets the needs of each retail business, giving them the tools to take Command of their success.

Celerant Technology prides itself in the quality of its products. Our approach is individually retailer-focused rather than mass-produced. What distinguishes Celerant is our advanced technology, supported by experienced professionals that offer personal attention to every retailer.

Command Retail Advanced Analytics Tools

Data Warehousing

Celerant Command Retail’s new Data Warehouse applies to all retail selling channels and provides an advanced toolset for designing and producing custom reports with fast retrieval of analytical data.

Customer Analytics

Track customer data at the Point of Sale, view demographics, and look at purchase history to run advanced analytics on customer behavior.

Merchandising Performance

Use forecasting and analysis to monitor inventory levels to optimize the performance of stores and ensure profitability.

Employee Analytics

Review employee activity, maximize sales performance and determine employee success.

Provide key performance indicators and trends, including advanced CRM analysis, to determine sales trends, track inventory flow and more. Data gathers in ýcubesý making the process faster and more efficient. This reporting tool will be introduced as a part of Data Focus, with a group of predesigned reports, as well as the ability to design your own.

Web Analytics

Celerantýs Web Analytics uses the same technology as our Data Warehousing tool, extending it to your E-Commerce site. Utilize a fully integrated set of graphical, numeric and descriptive analytic tools to track your online performance beyond the typical methods of analysis. Perform detailed analysis and advanced customer retention tracking by department, brand and style, as well as by city, state and country. Track the performance of your fulfillment center by analyzing your web sales vs. fulfillment by several variables including by store, by employee and by shipping method. These analytical tools allow you to effectively measure your turnaround times improve processes and increase ROI.

Cart Abandonment Tracking

Find out if your customers are not completing a sales transaction on your website. Determine the reasons for cart abandonment by viewing complete traffic patterns of your shoppers and use this information to make necessary adjustments.


Track conversions on your site by reviewing data showing customer activity. Monitor and examine customer patterns to compare browsing history and see how this activity converts to web sales.

Overall Traffic

Analyze your overall website performance within one, central view. Examine several analytical reports including dollars sold vs. cancelled vs. returned, sales vs. fulfillment, completed vs. abandoned orders, conversions rates, top selling products and more.

Social Media Analytics

Use social media websites as a source to measure how each channel behaves, while being able to track abandonment rates, site traffic and conversions on your site, from websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Website Performance Management

Monitor the performance of your E-Commerce site by analyzing site up-time and speed. Send out email alerts and texts to appropriate parties, along with screenshots to identify where maintenance is needed to improve overall site performance.

Command Retail Allocation and Distribution

Typically considered separate software, Celerant Command Retail has integrated a full-featured, 5-dimensional, allocation-based distribution center system to complete a united retail enterprise.

Purchase Orders

Celerant Command Retail’s purchasing module accepts the direct entry of purchase orders, tracks those purchases, and receives the orders in part shipments or completely. Completed purchase orders may be printed in a variety of formats, may be faxed or emailed directly to the vendor without leaving the purchase order entry function. Purchase orders may be located and tracked by a wide range of search options including status (open or closed), buyer, dates (entry, start, cancel, arrival), approval (approved/not approved), PO number, tracking number, brand, vendor, item, etc


Simply enter, track, audit, report and edit purchase orders and transfers by entering their tracking number or by simply scanning in the form with your handheld device. Distribution and auto PO/Transfer generation support direct to store or central DC/multi-DC models, including cross-dock operations.

Order Management/Order Tracking Tools

Retailers keep customer satisfaction levels high by locating special items and making certain that they come in on time. Inventory Management locator tools identify the exact location of any particular item that a customer is looking for anywhere in the enterprise.

Return Authorization

With Celerant Command Retail Management System, returning merchandise has never been so simple. Once a return is completed, your system automatically updates inventory and the return becomes a credit in acounts payable.

Command Retail Customer Relationship Management

In order to stay ahead of your competition, robust CRM tools are imperative for your retail operation. You must provide a positive customer experience by anticipating customer needs. Keep your customers coming back to your stores by compiling information and sending out targeted mailings. You can also use your CRM module to develop strategies to increase your customer base through demographic analysis.

Customer’s data is simply entered at the POS, and the CRM module tracks the total purchase history. Mailing addresses can be easily printed for you to send various marketing promotions. Examples of these promotions can be based upon VIP memberships, birthdays, purchase history, etc. For customers who opt out of email or other forms of contact, Celerant will bypass these records to respect their preference not to participate.

Campaign Management

Manage your promotional campaigns by sending out emails to your customers directly from their contact information in the built in CRM. Setup email campaigns, choose timeframes for emails and run a complete analysis to review how many items each customer purchased and how much was spent from this promotion.

CRM and Buying Clubs

Celerantýs POS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool enables a retailer to set up CRM and Buying Clubs, to provide a customer with additional purchasing options. Celerantýs Buying Club accumulates your customersý spending and creates a dollar award for customers based on their sales history.

Celerant Command Retail enables effective promotional management which results in increased customer retention and satisfaction. The software tracks all CRM and Buying Clubs, for both in the store and on the web.

  • Enable promo pop-ups reminders for your cashier when a customer is within a threshold of receiving a Group Quantity or Multi-Buy discount.
  • Streamline Buying Club Enrollment by scanning club IDs.
  • Show Buying Club Free Dollars on the bottom of receipts.
  • For multiple discounts, you have the option to combine discounts to set the order you wish to have them applied; or enable the best price, giving the customer the lowest price for the product.

Command Retail E-Commerce Marketing

Having a visually appealing and advanced E-Commerce site is a critical part of any e-tailers business; however attracting potential and even current clients to your site is another challenge. Celerant Technology works with our E-tail clients to meet this challenge by not only designing and programming your site to be search engine friendly, with the option to be reformatted as an M-Commerce site, but also assisting you with the marketing of your new site.

Automated Followup E-Mails

Promote your site and increase traffic by sending out automated, product-driven follow-up emails to your customers. Invite shoppers back by creating customizable email templates to feature offers that may apply to items, brands, departments, and/or event types.

Help promote repeat business by setting rules such as ý30 days after purchaseý, or ýabandoned shopping carts receive discountý, or ýhavenýt purchased within 90 daysý, to send out automated follow-up emails to your existing customers.

Social Networking

The use of social networking can have a significant impact on your retail business, products and events by creating a sense of an online community within your customer base. In addition to utilizing social networking tools such as blogs on your own custom designed site, we also offer integration with popular social networking sites, such as Facebook.

For example, with Facebook, you are able to create applications that may be used by your customers to promote their own baby shower, wedding and birthday registries. These event postings showcase your business by featuring your company and products, providing you the opportunity to reach the entire Facebook community, comprised of millions of users. We design and modify your website so that it can be pulled into your customer’s Facebook account for easy sharing.

Social networking platforms enable the promotion of your retail business, allowing for visibility across a large audience of consumers and increasing the potential to bring in new business.

Comparison Shopping Sites

The leading shopping engines attract 10M-20M unique visitors each month who are looking for your products. Do a search for any of your products on Google or Bing and youýll see shopping engine results from Google Product Search, Bing Shopping, NexTag, Shopzilla, Shopping.com, PriceGrabber, and many of their partner sites. Merchants who submit products to the leading shopping engines find that 15-20% of their revenue can come from this online marketing channel. Shopping engine data feeds are becoming more and more important as Google AdWords is using them to enhance its regular PPC ads.

However, you can only take advantage of these exciting new Google AdWords formats if youýre submitting a data feed to Google Product Search.

Instead of submitting your products to the shopping engines, use Celerant to help make this process more efficient.

The shopping engines can be a bit difficult to work with as they each accept your products in a specialized format. Not only do different attributes have different names, but each shopping engine has different requirements. Furthermore, each shopping engine has a different way of classifying your products, as each engine has a different taxonomy, or categorization structure. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of work to do if you want to optimize your listings.

Celerant has partnered with SingleFeed to make working with the leading shopping engines easier.

SingleFeed is a leader in data feed management and optimization for the shopping engines. They are one of four Google Merchant Center partners and work with hundreds of merchants and over 15 leading shopping engines.

Hereýs How the Partnership Works:

  • You work with Celerant to choose the right SingleFeed plan for your situation. SingleFeed has two self-service service plans ranging from $99.99/mo - $239.99/mo (Starter and Gold)

  • Celerant builds a data feed in the SingleFeed format. This service would usually cost $1000, but weýre waiving this fee as we want to make sure you can quickly and easily take advantage of this new marketing channel.

  • Celerant signs up for a SingleFeed account on your behalf and ensures your data feed is approved by SingleFeed. Again, we want to make this process as seamless as possible, and we thought a consolidated Celerant bill would be a great benefit to our merchants.

  • SingleFeed will setup a welcome call with you to walk you through the SingleFeed interface and answer your initial questions.

  • Youýre in the driverýs seat. You sign up for the shopping engines you want to work with (SingleFeed has sign up instructions), deposit funds, and then manage your listings and track your results through the shopping engines or SingleFeed.

If youýre on a self-service SingleFeed plan, you can email SingleFeed with questions about the service or just find the answers in the SingleFeed support portal. Higher level plans come with an account manager who is available over the phone.

If you have any questions about your data feed, you can work with your Celerant account manager to implement changes and updates. This work will be part of your regular service contract with Celerant.

Command Retail Employee Management

Managing your employees can become a simple and low-cost task with Celerant’s complete point of sale system. Administer all your employees and security from one centralized location and complete all your payroll and commission reports with a simple click of a button. Manage employee security centrally to ensure the confidentiality of your business records.

Celerant Command Retail optimizes your workforce management by suggesting optimum staffing times, allowing you to reduce labor costs and more effectively utilize your staff.


Retailers often find it time-consuming to keep track of their employees’ salaries and commissions. With Celerant Command Retail, you have the ability to track all your employee’s commissions and all of your payroll reporting from one central location.

Time Clock

Celerant’s integrated time clock is controlled by both keystroke and biometric employee recognition assuring validity and accuracy of log-ons and punch-ins. In addition, Celerant Command Retail obtains the current time from the on-line atomic clock to ensure that employee check-in time is always accurate and unalterable.

Managers have the option of controlling employee work schedules so employees can only punch-in during their scheduled hours.Reporting on employee performance is effortless and infallible with our employee return on investment reports, covering both payroll and commissions.

Command Retail Financial Applications

Celerant’s real-time retail management software manages your accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, cash management, gift certificates, gift card programs, and general ledger. The Celerant retail system offers an integrated general ledger or the option to directly integrate to MAS 90/200, Quickbooks and Great Plains.

Accounts Payable

Today’s economic and industry-specific pressures are intensifying the importance of a tightly integrated accounts payable system for business owners. With Celerant’s integrated accounts payable functionality, your financial data is timely, accurate and secure at all times.

A/P Features:

  • Provides access to view and edit your financial data in tightly secured and protected environment
  • Receiving is fully integrated with your payables
  • Simple click-thru access from your payables to receivables screen
  • Conduct a search by using any merchandise or receiving criteria
  • Enter and manage merchandise and non-merchandise recurring payables
  • Integrated, three-way vendor invoice matching
  • Manage operation accounts and bank reconciliation, check printing
  • Robust reporting tools offer visibility into your financial operations

Accounts Receivable

In your business, it’s imperative that you are aware of the risk the outstanding credit you offer your customers presents at all times. Celerant’s A/R seamlessly integrates with your point of sale and generates real-time, detailed statements to help you maximize your return on this investment in your customers.

A/R Features:

  • Signature capture included for all receipts to accompany your statements
  • Administer statement payments and adjustments in one, fully integrated software solution
  • Precisely manage credit limits, terms, interest and aging
  • Flexibility to pay an entire balance or individual invoice
  • Real-time updates of credit limit availability at POS
  • Issue your own personal store credit card
  • Extend credit internally, without third party interference
  • Set your past due amounts and finance charge fields
  • Control customer accounts, including holds
  • Choose from terms or revolving type of credit models

General Ledger

Links to MAS 90/200, Quickbooks and Great Plains allow Celerant Command transactions to be exported to these popular accounting packages. In addition to these valuable exports, Celerant will be soon releasing an integrated General Ledger, providing integrated GL reporting and functions, including balance sheets, profit & loss statements, audits and more.

MAS 90/200

Sage MAS 90 ERP offers a broad selection of feature-rich solutions, including core accounting and financial reporting software. This application boasts robust project management, manufacturing and wholesale distribution software solutions that help small and mid-sized businesses automate key processes, including inventory management, bill of materials and job costing.


Celerant Command Retail has a direct link that allows your transactions to be exported directly into Quickbooks. Transactions produced in your system are prepared and exported (sales, purchasing and payables transactions) in the format specified byQuickbooks.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Formerly Known as Microsoft Great Plains)

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides detailed financial management options that range from general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable modules to bank reporting, cash flow management, and easy reconciliation. Employees can analyze financial data by whatever criteria they require, while the company gains an accounting solution that reflects changes instantaneously.

Command Retail Gift Cards

Offering stored value cards (SVC) is a strategic way to expand your customer base, increase your incremental sales, and meet your customer expectations on the Internet and in your stores. Our unique SVC offering is integrated into your Celerant Point of Sale - POS - System and offered at no cost to you for processing any transaction or activating accounts. The only cost associated with a SVC is for the card itself.

Benefits of Stored Value Cards

  • Use your existing customers to acquire a new customer base
  • Keep cash in the register. The unused balance on a SVC remains on the card as compared to a cash refund that occurs for unused balances on gift certificates.
  • Increase existing customer database. Customer information can be documented for each SVC, and can be used to manage this valuable marketing resource.
  • Promote brand awareness. SVCs are a walking advertisement in your customers’ wallet or purse, reminding them to return to your store.
  • SVCs are easy to set-up and process, in seconds, just like credit cards.
  • Meet customers’ expectations. Given the immense popularity of stored value cards, customers assume the availability of SVCs at their favorite stores to give as gifts or to use personally for quick purchases.
  • Track purchases with intuitive reports, including purchase history by customer.
  • No processing or activation fees.

Command Retail Integrated E-Commerce

Celerant Technology offers professional web sites that integrate directly into the Command Retail point of sale software, eliminating the need to re-enter online orders. With our integrated e-commerce, all transactions occur in real-time and are up-to-the minute. Retailers easily can post merchandise and pictures on the web with one simple click in the product screen.

Personally built and designed, boutique-style, by Celerant’s web specialists, your integrated web site will have all the features that you would expect from a world-class website, integrated right into your system.

Customers will love the easy to use, professional shopping cart features like ýWish Listý and the ability to view multiple pictures of items they are shopping for. Choose from one of Celerant’s three e-commerce versions (Lite, Standard, Enterprise) that offer a variety of features for your web store. Expand your online customer base and generate additional revenue by managing your web marketing and email campaigns, along with integrating your site with price comparison sites, eBay and Amazon. Track your site with Celerant’sWeb Mining: Complete Site Analytics, in which you can monitor and analyze your site traffic, abandoned shopping carts and fraud scoring parameters.

Advanced E-Commerce Features

Integrated CMS

Easily manage and maintain your own site content, such as employment opportunities, upcoming events, articles and press releases, or any other frequently changing news or announcements using a built-in, integrated CMS module.

Selling Through Social Media

Increase your web presence and online sales by drawing customers into your site from social media websites such as Facebook. Celerant Integrated Websites allow you to place your registries and featured items on your Facebook account to gain maximum customer exposure.

Player Paks

Provide companies, schools and coaches with the flexibility to create custom websites for corporate or team sales. Your clientýs groups can view your entire product line or can utilize their custom login to view and purchase only the products applicable to their organization. Increase efficiency by streamlining the ordering process and eliminating the need for any double order entry.

Integrated Shipping Tools

Expedite the fulfillment of your online orders with Celerant’s Integrated Shipping Tools, including UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Simply export your online orders in an excel format to UPS Worldship, FedEx, and/or USPS for one step shipping. Retailers utilizing a third party warehouse can automate their order fulfillment process efficiently. By integrating these secure shipping tools, the retailer confirms shipping information only once, allowing him/her to pack and print shipping labels in just one-step. As a result, the retailer can reduce costs and turn-around time.

Command Retail Inventory Management

Offering stored value cards (SVC) is a strategic way to expand your customer base, increase your incremental sales, and meet your customer expectations on the Internet and in your stores. Our unique SVC offering is integrated into your Celerant Point of Sale - POS - System and offered at no cost to you for processing any transaction or activating accounts. The only cost associated with a SVC is for the card itself.

Benefits of Stored Value Cards

  • Use your existing customers to acquire a new customer base
  • Keep cash in the register. The unused balance on a SVC remains on the card as compared to a cash refund that occurs for unused balances on gift certificates.
  • Increase existing customer database. Customer information can be documented for each SVC, and can be used to manage this valuable marketing resource.
  • Promote brand awareness. SVCs are a walking advertisement in your customers’ wallet or purse, reminding them to return to your store.
  • SVCs are easy to set-up and process, in seconds, just like credit cards.
  • Meet customers’ expectations. Given the immense popularity of stored value cards, customers assume the availability of SVCs at their favorite stores to give as gifts or to use personally for quick purchases.
  • Track purchases with intuitive reports, including purchase history by customer.
  • No processing or activation fees.

Command Retail Merchandise and Assortment Planning System

Celerant Technology offers three paths for managing your open to buy and merchandise planning needs. The Celerant Command Retail management system provides an internal, fully integrated open to buy tool, providing a solution to the complex, dynamic process of merchandise planning and execution. The Command Retail system also allows for seamless integration with ANT USA’s best selling merchandise and assortment planning system, buyer’s toolbox, as well as the RMSA planning service.

With integrated open-to-buy, easily plan business across the chain, or down to location with interactive ýwhat-ifý scenarios. Automatically balance all the key dimensions including merchandise hierarchy, location, units vs.value, receipts, margin, turn, and cost vs. retail.

Integrate top-level merchandise plans with style level assortment plans down to location.

Create, Plan, and Track Location Groups Interactively:

  • Comp stores vs. non-comp stores
  • Group or cluster stores interactively
  • Use built-in store attributes

Create and Save Your Favorite Report Groups. Review Your Plans From Every Angle:

  • This year to last year
  • Next year to this year
  • Actual to plan
  • Unlimited plan versions and copies
  • Built-in exception reporting
  • Bottom up, top down, middle out

Produce Easy-to-Read, Powerful Reports:

  • Automated report generation
  • Point-click, no programming required
  • A selection of standard reports at every level
  • Export reports to Excel, web, ASCII and more
  • Open Interface for custom reports (ODBC)
  • Ready-to-use exception reporting
  • Flexible season reporting

Command Retail Mobile Applications

Celerant offers several wireless applications that run in a web browser and are compatible with most mobile devices. These applications can be utilized for performing inventory functions, purchase orders and receiving, producing quotes, gift registry, physical inventory, transferring orders, warehouse functions and more. These applications simplify your retail operation, allowing daily procedures that would have been time consuming in the past, to be completed in a fraction of the time. Expedite the sales process, improve your inventory and transfer accuracy, and automate numerous operational processes.


  • Price Check Items
  • Perform Transfers
  • Track Physical Inventory
  • Complete Markdowns/Re-ticket items

Client Profiling

  • Lookup Customer Information
  • Review Customer Purchase History
  • Review Customer Preferences and Purchase Statistics
  • Optimize Sales to Customers


  • Pack to Store
  • Perform Warehouse Location Transfers
  • Track Physical Inventory in Warehouse
  • Create Transfer Picks

Purchase Orders

  • Make Purchase Orders
  • Create a Purchase Order Entry
  • Perform Purchase Order Receiving
  • Handle Case Receiving


  • Display all Product Details
  • Calculate Tax and Provide Totals
  • Swipe Credit Cards


  • Scan or Enter Barcodes
  • View the Barcode for an Item
  • Save the Quote
  • Print a Copy of the Quote for the Customer


  • Create, Edit and Access Gift Registries
  • Scan Barcodes and Add Items

Command Retail Mobile E-Commerce

Celerant Technology Corp. realizes the need to reach your customers wherever they make their purchasing decisions, allowing them the convenience of placing orders remotely. Mobile E-Commerce sites may be optimized and viewed on mobile devices and reformatted to fit in a display area that conforms to a smaller screen size.

There is an upward trend of consumers carrying smart phones, along with a steady increase in mobile shopping patterns. Mobile purchases made from smart phones are growing at a staggering rate, and retailers adapting to this evolution of E-Commerce should expect to see an influx of sales andbrand exposure by adding this channel to their profit stream.

Celerantýs mobile E-Commerce offers an effectivemeans for consumers to view your website through enhanced optimization. Mobile technology offers an economic and time sensitive solution that meets the needs of a demanding consumer market.


  • Celerant provides you with a fully functional mobile E-Commerce website, a further extension of your store.
  • The mobile site will run in parallel to your regular E-Commerce site.
  • Compatible with mainstream smart phones, tablets and ipads that support current standards for mobile devices.
  • Adhere to search engine common practice standards and algorithm guidelines, enabling the site to appear in more searches.
  • The mobile site runs against the same database as your E-Commerce site and does not require any additional hardware, hosting or human resources.
  • jQuery programming is utilized to simplify and enhance development

Command Retail Point of Sale

Celerant Technology’s point of sale (POS) system is the most flexible, powerful, and advanced tool on the market, available to retailers who need to maintain a high degree of operational awareness at store level through price-optimization, customer satisfaction initiatives, employee management, and tight inventory-control. Celerant’s POS transactions are completed in real-time and are available at once, throughout the enterprise. System flexibility enables the system to be used in multiple business models and allows for customized screens to meet individual requirements.

Our point of sale software has an intuitive graphic user interface, permitting employees to be easily trained on the system, speeding employee adoption while reducing user errors and lowering your operational costs.

Platform Independent

Celerant’s Retail Management Systems can be implemented across a wide-range of platforms, including Linux, UNIX, Windows and Macintosh. This capability allows Command Retail to fit within various corporate environments, or even to leverage a company’s existing IT infrastructure.

High Volume Transactions

Celerant Command Retail powers several different types of retail organizations. It can handle heavy transaction volume and enormous amounts of data with ease. Utilizing a variety of communication and hardware options, multi-location retailers can process high-volume transactions against a central, online database; finally eliminating the need to ýpollý data.

Customer Transactions

Fulfill all of your customers’ needs directly on your POS screen. Our point of sale system includes everything from your receipts, gift receipts, layaways, gift certificates, stored value cards, special orders, rentals, gift registries and more!

Additional Register Transactions

  • Check verification
  • Employee check cashing
  • Pay-outs
  • Private label credit cards
  • Item Selector; touchscreen menu based item finder
  • Quick, intuitive inter-store transfers
  • Price check
  • Inventory lookups from any location in the organization
  • Employee punch clock with biometric securtiy
  • Record discount and return reasons at register
  • Prompt customer profile questions at register
  • Suggested additional purchase items popup for selected items
  • VAT Tax
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • EBT
  • Sell out of other store inventory with automatic email notification
  • Buying clubs

Instant Fully Integrated Credit Card Processing

Process credit cards within seconds, and move your customers through the checkout process swiftly and effortlessly. Read more.

Special Orders

Celerant’s tool set enables retailers to manage complex orders, while keeping in contact with their customers and vendors. Retailers keep customer satisfaction levels high by sourcing special items directly from the vendor and making certain that they arrive on time.

Command Retail Security

Having a secure retail management point of sale system is key to the successful operation of your business. You must prevent loss of data and must avoid breaches within your store that can lead to inventory shrinkage and ultimately loss of revenue. Celerant ensures you that every aspect of your store and of your system is secure and protected.

Celerant’s Security Features Include:

  • All communication in Celerant is encrypted with 3DES, a mode of the DES encryption algorithm that encrypts data three times.
  • Detailed rights-based security access to each application for each employee.
  • Protection of sensitive credit card and customer data to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

Celerant Is a VISA-PCI Certified Vendor

Celerant Technology received certification by VISA and the PCI Security Standards Council and is included on Visa’s list of Validated Payment Applications. This important certification provides clients with the peace of mind that their sensitive card holder information is kept private.

The PCI Security Standards Council has a set of standard regulations that vary, depending on the size of the merchant. Before a merchant or vendor can be Visa certified, the PCI Council verifies that these regulations are met by reviewing the results of independent, third party tests of payment processing applications. After the testing is complete, the vendor or merchant may be qualified for certification.

Loss Prevention

For immediate warnings on suspicious incidents, Celerant integrates with Datadvantage’s XBR. XBR offers protection against loss, incorporating more than 300 core queries, and sends alerts immediately after a suspected fraudulent transaction has taken place. With XBR, retailers can easily track and manage incidents and resolve any questionable activity, in a timely manner. Queries to locate transactions that most retailers find to be the most problem-prone include:

  • Refund fraud
  • Void theft
  • Fraudulent credit card activity
  • Dropped sales
  • Employee discount abuse
  • Multiple redemptions of gift certificates
  • Misuse of petty cash
  • Manually keyed credit cards

Command Retail Standard Reporting

Having a single retail management system, that integrates all areas of your enterprise, means you now have access to reports that thoroughly encompass your entire organization. You can then utilize this information to track best sellers, employee commissions, or top customers, among others.

To be successful in the evolving retail industry, it is critical that you are able to frequently analyze every area of your organization. Celerant Command Retail point of sale software produces reports that are fast, consistent, accurate, and easy to use. Standard reports are available, at every level and reports can simply export to Excel, web, ASCII and more. Celerant Command Retail also provides performance dashboard views so that you can easily and quickly review your key metrics in pie, bar and statistical charts, all in one view. You can then utilize these reports for sophisticated analysis of your organization.

Consistent use of your reports will improve your sales, margins, and your ability to make merchandising decisions based on product performance.

A sample of Celerant Command Retail’s advanced reporting:

  • Open Interface for custom reports (ODBC)
  • Examine Key Performance Indicators with dashboard views
  • Ready-to-use exception reporting
  • Flexible season reporting
  • Point-&-click report generation (no programming required)
  • Track regions for reporting
  • Track store group for use in various transactions
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Grouping and filtering by user defined fields

Command Retail Supplier Management

Celerant has developed a framework for the real-time exchange of data between Command Retail and the vendor. The interface uses technology such as web services and a graphical user interface that is directly tied to the Command Retail system.

  • Setup and design item imports to be adaptable to any vendor
  • Leveraged custom inventory to reduce the need to stock inventory
  • Export Purchase Orders to vendors
  • Receive shipment notifications

With this interface, it is possible to communicate data to vendors and define a template that shows how it maps to their system, using different data formats. These templates may be configured and account for different data formats while being able to view a list of inventory items to import.

Automated interfaces can be used to complete an entire cycle, allowing you to run reports, take inventory, drop ship items and tie products to your E-Commerce site.

Command Retail Warehousing

Celerant integrates a full-featured, 5-dimensional, allocation-based distribution center with the retail management system. As with the rest of the retail management system, Celerant’s distribution center data is kept in real-time, allowing the rest of the enterprise to know exactly what is in stock and where it is, at all times.

Effortlessly request and receive actual status on all warehouse activity, as it evolves.

Receiving, shipping, merchandise location, and shipment tracking functions are reflected in real-time and are visible, at once, throughout the organization.

Wireless Warehouse Applications

Celerant Technology offers a variety of wireless applications, to simplify your retail operation, allowing daily procedures that would have been time consuming in the past, to be completed in a fraction of the time. Streamline your warehouse or distribution center, while minimizing paperwork and downtime from moving merchandise and filling orders.

  • Pack to Store Applications
  • Warehouse Receiving Applications
  • Primary Transfer for Allocation Applications
  • Directed Putaway Applications
  • Forced Putaway Applications

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange is a paperless way for retailer to exchange information such as purchase orders, acknowledgments, advanced ship notices, invoices, and selling information. With EDI, increase your turnaround time, improve your accuracy and speed on information exchanged, and reduce operational costs.

Automatic document generation will reduce human error and shrink, increases data integrity, and maintain a consistent, efficient method throughout the supply-chain.

Inbound Logistics/Planning

Celerant Command Retail enables both the scheduling and planning for inbound deliveries to the warehouse from vendors. Calendar views are available within the system and deliveries can be scheduled, along with the appropriate Purchase Order number and assigned dock or bay. The Command retail system enables you to track the time-frame of each delivery, and analysis can be completed to view your over schedule deliveries.

Delivery Planning/Logistics

In addition, the Command Retail system allows you to schedule your outbound deliveries to your customer. Set delivery dates or preferred delivery dates can be scheduled within the system and are available on a calendar view. Deliveries can be scheduled as split or whole orders and then analysis can be completed for scheduled orders, outstanding orders, etc. in either daily, weekly or monthly calendar views.

Product Overview

Market Focus

Ratio of reviewers by organization size.

Industry Focus

Celerant Command Retail is designed primarily for use in the retail industry.

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