A web-based ERP system designed by CitiXsys Technologies for retail trade companies.

About iVend Retail Suite

Thousands of stores in over 45+ countries run iVend Retail to manage their retail operations.

Successful retailers have efficient and integrated business processes compared to their competition. Starting from the front-end cash register/ POS, back-office systems, Fulfillment Systems, Customer Loyalty System, Retail Business Intelligence, Inventory Management to Planning Engine, integrated eCommerce and many other retail processes should talk to each other efficiently for successful retailing.

iVend suite of Retail Applications manages every aspect of retail operation. Its ability to integrate with almost any ERP & its SAP certified integration along with PCI certified security standard makes iVend retail an unparalleled retail software in the industry. Large retailers with hundreds of stores can run the entire iVend Suite of Retail Applications to become more efficient and profitable. While small retailer with 20-30 store chain can also run required iVend modules today and opt for advanced iVend modules as-and-when the retail chain grows. iVend lets you grow at your pace and helps you adopt every innovation in retail industry when you are ready.

iVend Suite of Retail Applications Has Following Components:

  • iVend Retail - Enterprise, Store & POS
  • iVend Loyalty -Loyalty Management System integrated with physical and online stores
  • iVend eCommerce – WebStore & M-commerce platform integrated with iVend Enterprise
  • iVend Mobile - Mobility Solutions for in-store Mobile POS
  • iVend Analytics - Retail Business Intelligence integrated with iVend Retail & your ERP

iVend Retail, a PCI compliant and SAP Certified solution, is a complete Retail Management Software, seamlessly integrated with SAP suite of Business Management Applications. iVend APIs can be integrated with any other modern ERP system for back-end accounting operations.

  • How do you ensure that you are not forced to run clearance sales for the excess stocks left after the holiday season ends?
  • Does your retail staff know that the same SKU can be supplied from your other store when it runs out of stock in a particular store? Are you enabling your retail staff with meaningful and actionable information?
  • Wouldn’t you like to completely remove stock mismatch / pilferages and increase your bottom line?
  • Are you able to increase your revenue per customer by offering up-sells and cross-sells?
  • Didn’t you always want to run points & reward program for your customers?

If you can identify with these, you need iVend Retail – a complete Retail Management Application from CitiXsys designed specifically for Agile Retailers.

iVend Analytics

iVend Analytics leverages transactional data of your retail environment to generate context-specific detailed insight which is functional & actionable

iVend Analytics – Business Intelligence for iVend Retail utilizes cutting edge technology to offers intuitive dashboards across business functions in iVend Retail and the core accounting Business Management Application.

iVend Analytics is a set of pre-packaged, shrink wrapped Business Intelligence dashboards which seamlessly plug into iVend Retail.

iVend Analytics leverages transactional data of your retail environment to generate context-specific detailed insight which is functional & actionable

iVend Analytics – Business Intelligence for iVend Retail utilizes cutting edge technology to offers intuitive dashboards across business functions in iVend Retail and the core accounting Business Management Application.

iVend Analytics is a set of pre-packaged, shrink wrapped Business Intelligence dashboards which seamlessly plug into iVend Retail.

Utilizing associative search and in-memory processing, iVend Analytics converts data into meaningful and actionable information. It makes a business more competitive by enabling informed decision making well in time. iVend analytics application runs on any browser, iPhone/iPad or any Android device

Why do we need BI tools

  • Do you need an accurate view of costs, liabilities, risks involved in your business?
  • Do you find customer buying patterns haphazard and difficult to decipher?
  • Still wondering what is the right time to kick off a promotion or a campaign?
  • Still working out your supplier cost-effectiveness, and stocks at inventory?

iVend Analytics, enable today’s modern retailers to make smarter decisions to run a successful Retail Enterprise. iVend Analytics utilizes cutting edge technology and offers intuitive Dashboards across various Enterprise business functions. It is a powerful and flexible solution for significantly extending the capabilities of existing retail systems with simplification of complex analysis process. This application gathers the business process data and transforms it into beneficial information to enable an organization’s strategic planning that aid in more informed decision making by the key stake holders in the company.

iVend Analytics allows retail organizations to get the most out of iVend Retail and backend without the risk of committing to significant investments. Its components libraries assist retailers to customize and focus on characteristics of Sales, marketing and other daily functions which increase the probability of better returns, making more effective decisions leading to:

  • Accelerated Purchasing
  • Promotion & brand selection
  • Increased Sales Volume
  • Point Earn & Burn initiative
  • Store choice and price image

iVend Analytics has built a comprehensive series of sophisticated sculpting and optimized Dashboards to provide detailed insight into essential business functions such as:

  • Pricing and promotion management
  • What-if Analysis
  • Markdowns
  • Customized Category management
  • Special price definition
  • Gross profit highlights
  • Market basket analysis
  • Customer segmentation

Why iVend Retail Analytics?

  • User-centric interactivity-Pre-built template with industry-standard KPIs and focused analytics for business discovery
  • Rapid time to value- Fast deployment & configuration with your SAP infrastructure
  • Access to business data?from anywhere on the desktop or on mobile devices

iVend eCommerce

iVend eCommerce Features

  • Sales, Marketing, Promotions & Coupons
  • Product Management
  • Site Management & Customer Service
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Payment and Checkout
  • Payment Gateways Supported
  • Shipping
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Safety & Security

iVend Loyalty

Today, Loyalty Programs are a norm in Retail business and also in non-consumer industries like trading, manufacturing and non-profit organizations. The need to be closer to the customers, understand their buying pattern and offering customers a value for their money has prompted these diverse industry segments to seriously think and deploy customer retention strategies.

iVend Loyalty, an SAP Certified application which is designed to significantly improve customer retention by bring them continuously back and at the same time aims to improve the customer satisfaction level. iVend Loyalty is currently integrated with iVend Retail and has capabilities to integrate with any Business Management or Retail application using the universal and platform neutral web services based APIs.

Do Retail businesses need Loyalty? The answer to this is YES, because Retail business look at

  • Shift – To acquire new customers
  • Lift – To increase the spending of existing customers
  • Retention – To improve the natural churn rate of customers
  • Profit mix – To shift spending to higher margin products

iVend Mobile

Enthused by mobile revolution, CitiXsys creates an iVend mobility application for retailers that are intuitive, easy-to-use, and highly functional to gather business from modern day consumer who is Smart, equipped and always on the move. This iVend application allows retailers to sell their products to store visitors through Mobile POS. iVend mobility solution integrates the power and functionality of a traditional POS into a mobile device that allows modern retailer to service customers anywhere on the shopping floor anytime. This enhances Customer service, iVend Mobile POS enables, store managers to spend more time on the sales floor, improving efficiency and profitability. Our Mobility solution empowers retailers to acquire a Mobile POS On Demand! On Contact!

Need for a Mobile POS

Today’s tech savvy shoppers, expect the businesses solutions which are interactive and updated as well. Modern retailers are struggling to keep up with a consumer base that is dramatically outpacing them in the adoption of new mobile technologies. As smartphones and iPads continue to skyrocket in popularity, retailers are empowered to provide shoppers with on-demand product and store information wherever they are – including in the store.

Common issues faced by Retailers

  • Lost revenue – Due to slow-moving check-out lines,
  • Missed selling opportunities- Due to lack of Information at product Display
  • Poor customer service- Little or no information about Product features & Promotions
  • Outdated Software Systems- Non Scalable & non mobile integration
  • High Cost of Real estate – Investment in space and hardware for increasing Sales Points

iVend Mobility Solution – Changing Dynamics With Mobile POS

The Mobile POS solution is composed of a client application running on a touch-based hardware platform. This handheld “register” is connected to iVend Retail Server which interfaces with the backend enterprise data. Through this integrated solution, users have access to all core sales functionality – including customizations – accessible from Mobile Device.

Standard Functionality Includes

  • Biometric user authentication and security
  • Scan or manually enter items
  • View item details, including inventory
  • Cancel, suspend, delete or recover a transaction
  • Card payment using manual entry
  • e-signature acceptance on screen via stylus

iVend Retail mobility solution supports the Point of Service functionality appropriate for the sales floor, including product look-up and the Enterprise , iVend suite of Retail Application is configured delivers customizations to incorporate promotions, gift cards, discounts, loyalty programs and so on.

Benefits of iVend Mobility Solution – Retailers Now Leverage Stronger Integration of Multichannel Sales

Benefits of iVend’s Mobility Solution retailers leverage stronger integration of multi-channel sales activities within the store environment. The returns begin immediately, as sales associates increase their customer interaction. Retailers realize the following benefits from their iVend Retail mobility application implementations:

  • Increased POS capacity without using valuable floor space
  • Enabled sales associates are able to serve customers, from start till end to checkout, from everyplace on the shop floor
  • Increased conversions and average tickets as associates can influence the customer and close the sale influencing the decision-making process
  • Increased customer satisfaction by shortening checkout lines and considerably reduced abandoned carts – one of the major complaints customers have with in store shopping
  • Complies industry standards for security of data and payment information
  • Gained ROI and time-to-value using the iVend Mobility solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing iVend Retail

It is clear that mobile represents an enormous change in how retailers approach store operations and consumer interactions, and retailers are waking up to the need to leverage mobile throughout everyday store operations and consumer interactions. Forward-looking retailers are using mobile technology innovatively & in unique ways to take charge of their store operations like never before, and fuel themselves into 21st century.

iVend Retail

What Is iVend Retail?

iVend Retail is an end to end Retail Management Solution that covers everything from POS to Back Office to Head Office operations. An iVend Retail setup can range from a Single Store with one POS to a complex multi-store environment with complete integration with your day to day business operations. The solution automates the entire operations, virtually eliminating paper work.

iVend Retail allows the management team at the Head Office to have complete control over data at the stores. It extends flexibility at the Head Office to setup and configure the system from one place and therefore simplifies the management of data.

iVend Retail delivers a configurable, flexible, and scalable solution that is easy to setup and implement and integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One.

iVend Retail is ideal for both high-volume retail operations and high-service specialty stores. High volume retailers will like its quick service interface. High service retailers will appreciate the many complex special order fulfillment options, customer specific pricing, flexible kit combinations, and customized, ticket-building special messaging for the POS screen.

Head Office / In-Store Management

iVend Retail offers complete back office functionality both at the Head Office and at the store. It provides the respective managers a total control over activities. In-Store transactions are replicated to the Head Office, allowing quick decision making without any delays. iVend Retail has three licensed components:

  • iVend Enterprise – configured at the Head Office and used to define the retail enterprise and organization wide policies
  • iVend Store – configured at the Store and used by the store manager to fulfill his day-to-day functions
  • iVend POS – configured at the Store, and used by the cashiers to transact with the customers

The user interface of iVend Enterprise is the Management Console and remains the same whether used at the head office or on iVend Store used at the Store and is used to setup the master data required to transact at the POS. The Management Console is also used by the store manager to conduct his day-to-day operations including cash & till management, raising purchase orders, receiving goods against purchase orders /stock transfers, stock transfer shipment to other stores /distribution center, cycle counting, requisition management, label printing, etc.

iVend Retail is fully PCI compliant and records the credit/ debit card details in an encrypted format in database. Solution ensures high availability via database mirroring.

iVend POS

iVend POS is fast, dependable and powerful Point Of Service application with an easy to use keyboard or touchscreen operated user interface. iVend POS makes transactions processing error free and easy to manage & execute. iVend POS is the execution point for configurations done at the Head Office which include pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and returns. The POS interface can be quickly configured to display exactly the information needed by POS operators. Receipts can be customized as required with graphics and logos

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User Reviews of iVend Retail Suite

Submitted on June 17th, 2019 by Fran Burke from Burke Marine

Our staff have commented on how easy the iVend system was to learn and to operate — it has helped to alleviate the “human errors” that we have had experienced in the past. Good features in iVend are the ability to easily look at other store and main warehouse stock levels in real time, integrated eftpos has been great, gift voucher processing is easy and transparent and we have now just implemented Lay-By.

Submitted on November 19th, 2014 by David Miller from Goodwill Industries

We implemented iVend Retail alongside SAP Business One to address a total lack of inventory information. As a result, we gained inventory visibility that allows us to educate customers on product quality, view sales every day at each store in real-time and track our best performing stores. Most importantly, we can open new stores with the right materials and staffing in record time.