Teamwork Retail

A cloud-based retail mobile pos and management system

About Teamwork Retail

The completely mobile, cloud based retail technology solution that delivers a full omni-channel experience, while providing a simple to use interface, and effortless implementations.

How It Works

Teamwork’s subscription-based service delivers a total solution that can be implemented across your enterprise, tying all retail channels together in the cloud. With Teamwork, your team enjoys total control over inventory, merchandising, replenishment, purchasing, receiving distribution, customer management, order entry, point of sale software, stored value services, payment processing, and e-commerce. With so many features, you might expect Teamwork to be difficult to learn, but this system is easy to implement and even easier to use.


Employees can complete sales from anywhere in your store. This means you can help your customers, exactly when they need it. No waiting in line. An iPad tablet (or a Windows PC) turns into a fully functional cloud based point of sale system that you and your employees can carry anywhere. Your tablet acts as a retail workstation and can perform all transaction functions, including signature capture for credit card transactions, inventory tracking/management, in-store advertising, and catalog information displays.

Total Connectivity

Our customer-focused point of sale software solution improves your customer’s shopping experience and drives sales. Teamwork allows you to engage with customers on all channels, combining both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar locations. For example, a customer can buy a gift card in the store and use it online, buy a product online and pick it up at the store, and earn loyalty points regardless of where the purchase is made. When a product is sold online, the system instantly tells the store to set it aside for fulfillment. This omni-channel approach supports all of these activities on a single platform. It’s quick and easy, so that your customers can get what they need, whenever and wherever they want it.

Headquarters Simplified

Teamwork gives you vital business functionality–cloud to tablet, store to store–all driven through Teamwork HQ. The true power of Teamwork is Teamwork HQ ---- cloud computing at its best. Teamwork’s streaming technology and web services distribute data instantly throughout your network. With Teamwork, you can outsource all back office operations to the cloud, which allows you to concentrate on building your enterprise. In addition, Teamwork takes care of all upgrades and provides mission-critical network fault tolerance.

When the Internet is slow or offline, Teamwork’s performance is unaffected through native smart clients that automatically synchronize data in the background when the connection is re-established. This functionality keeps your point of sale system up-and-running and your data 100% accurate.

With a teamwork retail enterprise solution, the experience of shopping in your retail store will never be the same for your customers, or for you. The streamlined efficiency of always being able to bring the technology to the task, instead of hauling the task to technology, will make your life simpler. Your employees will feel more attended to, and your customers will feel better served.


An iPad-based application that allows company executives to view real-time reports from anywhere.


An iPad-based application that enables buyers to capture vital product data while on the road. Captured data can include images, fabric details, colors, and order specifics managed against a buying budget.

Cloud Headquarters (CHQ)

CHQ is a simple-to-use, web-based version of our Headquarters software that allows you to communicate with your stores in real time. Here, you can create POs and transfer memos, receive inventory, create new items, update your e-Commerce site, manage customer loyalty and membership programs, request new or previous reports, or manage any other facet of our system, from your favorite web browser.


An iPod/iPhone-based application that provides real time analytical data, including your company’s flash sales, sales by location, highest sold items per store, traffic counts and sales, and employee performance reports.

E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce integration incorporates centralized catalog management, including rich media content and interfaces with order management for order dispatching and fulfillment.

ERP Integrations

This is a comprehensive set of interfaces that exchanges data between Teamwork HQ and a manufacturing/wholesale resource planning system. This integration can incorporate standard EDI transactions, such as 832 (catalog), 850 (electronic purchase orders), 856 (Shipping notices), and 810 (invoices).


An iPad-based application that replaces the traditional loyalty or membership card and provides customers with full access to their customer profile and stored values, such as reward points, gift cards, frequent buyer rewards and other programs.

Mobile POS

A Mobile POS allows you to create a modern, streamlined customer experience. Tablets can be mounted in a multitude of aesthetically pleasing ways or in handheld cases with scanning and card reading capabilities. Mobility allows you to add an additional POS terminal at any point, at any location in your store. Empower more personal interactions with your clients through a unique, but more powerful retail POS system, and deliver a new kind of in-store experience.

People Counter Integration

Teamwork integrates with People Counter Cameras to deliver data for its reporting processes, providing your team with powerful retail analytics.


This iPad-based application integrates with our retail POS system to simplify client scheduling, while ensuring accurate billing.


Our iPad-based Shipment application allows you to create/receive transfer memos between stores and the company warehouse, as well as receive shipments from your vendors. Easily print item tags right from your iPad.

Shopper Display

This iPad-based application works directly with your Mobile POS during transactions. Shopper Display shows receipt line items with high-resolution images and accepts finger or stylus-based signatures to complete credit transactions.

Stock Count

Conduct full or partial stock counts throughout your stores using this easy-to-use iOS-based application. iPads and iPods allow your team to move freely throughout the store while conducting highly efficient stock counts. Reporting information is uploaded directly to the cloud, enabling instant communication to HQ.

Store Operations (Ops)

This PC based application can be used as a retail POS system terminal, but is generally a back office computer used for delegating iOS based tasks, like stock counts, or shipment and receiving.

Surveillance Integration

Teamwork integrates with major surveillance providers to include transactional data into your Digital video recorder (DVR) or Network video recorder (NVR). This data can then be reviewed with highly detailed information about the transaction, while blending the retail POS system and surveillance systems into one easy to use system.

Time Card

Time Card creates a new and more effective way of tracking your employees. Once a staff member clocks in, a picture is taken with a time stamp and sent directly to HQ. This application helps maintain accurate logs, while enforcing company procedures and simplifying payroll.

Product Overview

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