BNA Estate & Gift Tax Suite

A multi-module management system designed by Bloomberg BNA for accounting/legal/professional and finance & insurance companies.

About BNA Estate & Gift Tax Suite

This product is no longer sold or supported. Please visit the sales tax software page for alternatives.

Grow your practice and work more efficiently with the most powerful estate and gift tax planning and preparation tools available - The BNA Estate & Gift Tax Suite. Incorporating the most recent state and federal tax law changes. BNA Software provides the expertise, calculations, and support you need to competently meet your client’s needs.

BNA Estate & Gift Tax 706 Preparer

For practitioners who handle the preparation of IRS Form 706 (or wish they could!), the BNA 706 Preparer is a natural. The Smart Data Entry System not only simplifies filling out this form, it bypasses entries rendered inapplicable based on the return’s facts and posts your entries to all appropriate places. Now that’s smart! Plus, unlike basic forms services, BNA automatically handles the complex calculations the 706 form demands, guiding you each step of the way.

  • Computes estate and inheritance taxes effortlessly for the federal return and all 50 states
  • Handles the new tax rates and rules for victims of 9/11
  • Handles complex interrelated marital and charitable calculations with ease
  • Distributes community property assets and deductions
  • Breaks out how each beneficiary’s share is derived on the Beneficiaries Calculation Report
  • Computes many special calculations, including Split Interest Charitable Trusts; Prior Transfers Credit; and many more
  • Keeps Sec. 7520 rates up to date automatically via the Web
  • Shares preparer information with the BNA 709 Preparer, reducing your maintenance hassles
  • Lets you make disclosures, elections, or comments

BNA Estate & Gift Tax" 709 Preparer

With the BNA 709 Preparer, filling out IRS Form 709 is quick and easy. Just enter the data and the program automatically completes the on-screen form and handles the calculations. Plus, everything you need - prior year gift rollover, import spousal split gifts, continuation schedules, an editable client letter, and more - is built right into the program. The BNA 709 Preparer is an automation solution you can always count on, year after year.

  • See all items relating to a return as you work - the official forms, data entry fields, diagnostic messages - as well as a dynamic list of the return’s forms and attachments
  • Use the exclusive Smart Data Entry system to save time and keystrokes as it guides you through IRS Form 709, and lets you enter information for each gift and donee just once
  • Use the Donee Worksheet to quickly enter donee information all in one place - then easily retrieve and apply it for each gift
  • Make disclosures, elections, comments using blank attachments or on-screen sticky notes
  • Calculate split gifts swiftly and accurately with automatic posting of gift information and direct import of split gifts from the spouse’s 709 return

BNA Estate & Gift Tax" Planner

For more than 15 years, BNA Estate & Gift Tax Planner has helped practitioners convince potential clients of the importance of good estate tax planning. The BNA Estate & Gift Tax Planner just got better with an expanded Quick Start Wizard and Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow presentations. Now is the time to expand your estate planning practice with BNA Software - start using the most proven planner in the business!

The landmark 2001 federal tax law changes had far-reaching repercussions for estate tax planners and their clients. BNA Software analyzed and applied these sweeping tax changes and incorporated them into a single, powerful solution. One that provides the sophisticated features you want with the flexibility to override the sunset provisions of EGTRRA or calculate state taxes using pre-EGTRRA law.

  • Projects multiple estate planning situations, quickly performing what if analyses to ensure minimum tax exposure and maximum wealth preservation
  • One comprehensive program manages complicated situations, including interrelated marital or charitable calculations, charitable trusts, GST transfers, gifts and more in any plan
  • Calculates minimum distributions from retirement plans
  • Frequently updated for changes in state laws
  • Update anytime online with automated interim Web downloads
  • Paints a clear picture of client tax savings and estate situations with easy-to-understand predefined and custom graphs, illustrates the disposition of the gross estate with customizable flowcharts
  • Shows clients the consequences of not planning with comparative PowerPoint slideshow presentation

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