A software system designed by ELM Computer Systems for accounting/legal/professional companies.

About AvanTax

ýAutomobile Taxable Benefits Calculation Softwareý

An excellent productivity tool to assist human resources and payroll managers to quickly and accurately calculate and report automobile taxable benefits.

Main Features

  • Calculates standby charge and operating cost benefits easily and accurately. Will use the optional calculation method, if beneficial
  • Handles monthly leased, period leased and purchased vehicles
  • Multi-vehicle consolidation option
  • Handles regular rates, auto dealer/leasing company rates, and custom rates
  • No limit to number of companies, employees and vehicles
  • Handles federal and all provincial calculations
  • Sorts reports by name, file number, province, department or vehicle cost

Extensive Reporting

  • Employee detail computation
  • Detail computation for consolidated vehicles
  • Election form
  • Taxable benefits summary
  • Taxable benefits per pay period
  • Employee and vehicle list
  • Remittable G.S.T.
  • Remittable Q.S.T.

AvanTax is an outstanding Canadian program designed in conjunction with professional accountants to save you time calculating automobile taxable benefits. With AvanTax you will avoid the nightmare of complicated calculations and changing regulations. The AvanTax software has automatic prompts for information entry, and is written to conform with current federal and provincial (including Quebec) regulations for calculating automobile taxable benefits. In only a few minutes it will produce the statements you need – to report taxable benefits, complete T4’s and Relevé 1’s and account for G.S.T.

Here Are Some of Its Features:

Available for DOS and Windows

DOS users will be happy to continue to use the user interface that they are most familiar with. Users of Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT will be able to use AvanTax for Windows. (Windows 3.x is not supported by AvanTax for Windows. Windows 3.x users need to use AvanTax for DOS)

Easy to Use and Learn

AvanTax is menu driven - just load it and run. The easy-to-follow manual includes detailed explanations of how taxable benefits for automobiles are calculated both federally and for Quebec. Additional technical support is available on our toll-free support line.

Fleets of 2 to 500 or More

You’ll sleep well knowing that AvanTax will accurately process your automobile taxable benefits calculations without tying up staff for days or weeks at a time. You’ll also know that your estimates of taxable benefits for deductions at source comply with current tax department legislation. AvanTax is a reporting tool for the current year, and a planning tool for next year. Even if your fleet has only one or two cars, the low cost of AvanTax pays for itself in the time and frustration you save.

Unique Bilingual Software

AvanTax for DOS will run in either English or French. Work in the language of your choice, yet produce reports in the language your employees prefer! Need reports in English for some of your employees and French for others? AvanTax for DOS lets you do that too! AvanTax for Windows is currently available only in English.

Product Overview

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