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GST / VAT Accounting

A software system designed by OWL Software.
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GST/VAT Accounting (GVA) is designed to perform complete and accurate accounting of income and expenses with particular emphasis on tracking Canadian style Goods and Services Taxes (GST) or Value Added Taxes (VAT) taxes that are both collected and paid. GVA uses folders to organize income and expenses data that may be reported either separately or in combination. GVA can be used for multiple businesses, multiple divisions in a business, or for both business and personal accounting. GVA is linked to GST/VAT Invoicing that imports income data from GVI into accounting. Using GVA, you can produce a variety of expense, income, profit, general ledger and tax reports. You can define up to 1000 different income and expense accounts to fully categorize your income and expenses for tax purposes.

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