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About PinPoint

PinPoint is the industry’s most intelligent tax calculation engine available for improving accuracy, ensuring tax compliance, and mitigating risk. PinPoint" is a powerful procurement-side sales and use tax calculation engine and data warehousing application. Utilizing a unique matrix weighting structure and a “no-default” transaction handling mechanism, PinPoint" improves efficiency by providing the ability to effectively manage sales and use taxes for procurement activities in a process-oriented manner. Once implemented, PinPoint" becomes the system-of-record for the tax department by warehousing transactions in a logical and organized manner to facilitate not only the day-to-day activities of the tax function, but also ensuring reliable audit-defense through embedded, client-specific tax research.

PinPoint" is the only tax calculation engine designed and developed by tax practitioners to ensure PinPoint" tax accuracy. Incorporating functionality to address the root cause of tax calculation errors uncovered during years of tax advisory engagements for premier Fortune 1000 companies, PinPoint" combines industry-leading tax expertise with state-of-the-art technology.

Hosted or On-Premise Solution

Second Decimal can install PinPoint" at your site, or we can host the system for a nominal fee and eliminate concerns about provisioning IT equipment that must be supported within your organization.

Minimal Involvement

PinPoint" is a true tax solution that requires limited IT support to create the Accounts Payable (AP) extract and General Ledger (GL) write back. Because PinPoint" operates as a “batch” tax calculation process with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, implementation and testing do not require as much involvement of cross-functional resources like Purchasing, Payables, and Information Technology.

Higher Compliance

PinPoint" is also the only no-default system available in the market today, allowing you to review any transactions above your thresholds that do not hit a tax matrix line. This is a tremendous advantage over all other systems that simply default to “taxable.”

Flexible Reporting and Analysis of Vendor Charged Taxes

PinPoint" also has robust reporting capabilities that can be used in conjunction with the tax data warehouse to give you complete visibility into your transactions. You can also report on the difference between the tax calculated by PinPoint" and that charged by your vendors.

Flexible Use Tax Expense Budgeting

The system is also flexible enough to allow you to write back journal entries by division to properly allocate tax.

Combined Sales and Purchases Data and Tax Return Import File

PinPoint" can import your sales transactional data into its warehouse to be leveraged for additional reporting capabilities, and the output can also be formatted to fuel your compliance process or any other system you wish to feed.

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