A rate lookup and monitoring tax program from Second Decimal.

About RatePoint

RatePoint is a proprietary single-source tax solution for rate lookup and monitoring needs. Its unique location-based monitoring functionality facilitates turn-key updates to sales and use tax rates for your North American locations, including the United States, Canada, Native American Reservations, Puerto Rico, and the outlying U.S. Territories. RatePoint" data can be delivered two ways: a flat file or a web-based application. The file’s jurisdictions include breakouts by country, state, province, county, city, and multiple districts. District rates include, but are not limited to:

  • Alabama Police Jury
  • Regional Transportation Authorities
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authorities
  • Water Commissions
  • Special Purpose Districts
  • Mass Transit Authorities
  • School, Fire, and Drainage Districts
  • Capital Projects
  • Library and Hospital Districts

Rate Lookups

Second Decimal can install RatePoint" at your site, or we can host the system for a nominal fee and eliminate concerns about provisioning IT equipment that must be supported within your organization.

Minimal Involvement

The application allows users to query tax rates by using filtering on location drivers, such as: state, county, city, and zip. Users can select the desired jurisdiction from a list of possible results.

Rate Details

The details of any given rate include critical information for businesses concerned with accuracy, such as: the breakout of special taxing jurisdictions, max taxes, tax thresholds, and historical rate data.

Location-Based Rate Monitoring

Users can create companies and sub-companies for which locations can be imported. Upon import, the application will automatically map as many locations as possible to the appropriate tax jurisdiction. Mapped locations will then be associated with those tax jurisdiction allowing users to monitor their mapped locations for rate changes.

Transactional API

Web services support and facilitate communication with integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and/or third-party tax engines, automatically eliminating double-key entries and ensuring system synchronization. The RatePoint application supports a robust web-services Application Programming Interface (API) to facilitate seamless integrations with other systems that can call for a tax rate (i.e., ERP and/or other billing systems).

Data Exporting

Changes in rates month over month can be exported in CSV or XML formats for all the rates contained in the system or just those that are mapped to your locations.

Easy Updating

The rate data can be easily updated by selecting either an incremental or master data update. Incremental updates track rate changes month over month. Master updates provide for a complete data refresh while maintaining all the rate history.

Product Overview

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