Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud

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Sales tax determination and filing software.

About Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud

The Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud is the first complete software solution for safeguarding businesses from the burdens and risks of modern tax, providing three core functions on one platform–tax determination, e-invoicing compliance and tax reporting.

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Sales & Use Tax

  • Sovos Global Tax Determination (Sales & use tax) - Real-time and batch tax determination for sales & use tax and related fees
  • Sovos Use Tax Manager - Cloud-based solution designed to enable use tax and vendor-charged tax analysis, and comparison of tax paid/not paid on purchases to tax obligation.
  • Sovos CertManager - Sales & use tax exemption certificate management and verification automation.
  • Sovos Sales & Use Tax Filing - Periodic, summary reporting and remittance for thousands of state and local jurisdictions in the US.
  • Taxify by Sovos - Sales tax reporting for US e-commerce businesses that operate in a multi-channel sales environment.

Global Value-added Tax (VAT)

  • Sovos Global Tax Determination (VAT & GST) - Real-time and batch tax determination for VAT and GST
  • Sovos VAT Reporting - Reporting and remittance for VAT in digital and non-digital formats (Example: MTD, Intrastat, EC Sales List, SAF-T, SII, Peru Libros, Mexico e-accounting.)
  • E-Invoicing
    • Sovos eInvoice - A global solution for clearance, continuous controls and post-audit model e-invoicing compliance in 60+ countries where B2B businesses must validate invoices for VAT audit purposes.
    • Sovos eReceipt - A global solution for clearance-model electronic invoicing mandates that apply to businesses selling directly to end consumers (B2C).
    • Sovos eArchive - Universal, compliant e-invoice archiving for 60+ countries, including country compliance maps, preservation sets, timestamps and signing and validation services.

Tax Information Reporting (TIR)

  • Tax Information Reporting - 10-series reporting and withholding to state and federal governments, along with 10-series statement delivery and tax identity management.
  • Tax Information Reporting - ACA - Affordable Care Act reporting to the IRS under Employer and Insurer mandates, along with 1095 statement delivery.
  • Tax Information Reporting - AEOI - Automatic Exchange of Information solution helping Financial Institutions with FATCA and CRS reporting in 100+ countries.

Target Market

Businesses of all sizes, from growing smaller, midsize and enterprise retailers, manufacturers and software companies that need to stay compliant amid the complex and varying state sales tax economic nexus rules in the United States, to multinationals using multiple ERPs such as SAP around the globe who are struggling with new real-time e-invoicing compliance and VAT reporting requirements.


  • Sovos has subscriptions in several models, including “good, better, best” and modular
  • The appropriate subscription model is defined using market research and established best practices in SaaS-based pricing
  • No free trial available


Sovos’ deployment approach allows them to meet customer demands regardless of infrastructure strategy by enabling hybrid-cloud, private cloud and public cloud deployment.

Sovos has a multi-cloud hybrid infrastructure strategy. The Infrastructure-as-a-Service approach starts with an enterprise-grade secure datacenter, operating best-in-breed, purpose-built hardware that runs the software solutions.

The infrastructure is built around the latest hardware and software solutions from Oracle, Cisco, HP, EMC, Microsoft and F5. Sovos supplements that offering by utilizing a private-cloud offering within Sovos datacenters, and cloud-based and on-premise solutions for clients.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud

Submitted on June 20th, 2019 by a Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud user from Kelly-Moore Paints

Now that we’re working with Sovos Compliance, we have a proven system that makes certain that we are charging the correct amount of sales tax to every customer throughout our retail operation. We have reduced the chance that we will be selected for a tax audit, reduced the cost of complying with tax audits, and greatly reduced the potential that we will be subject to penalties.