A sales tax system designed by TaxCloud.

About TaxCloud

TaxCloud is a sales tax management & compliance for online retailers. TaxCloud provides the sales tax calculation for every address in the US, file returns & remit proceeds in all states, provides audit response and indemnification to clients. Both services include a free, state paid option and a fee based, merchant paid option.

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  • Sales tax calculation
  • Check-out via API or batch upload
  • Filing & remittance services
  • Audit response and indemnification


TaxCloud has two pricing options available:

Automated Compliance

A free service option in 24 member states which is funded by state partners. All services are free in the member states while non-member states can be activated for a modest fee.

Selective Compliance

Select services in an “a la carte” fashion. Pricing is tiered based on the number of transactions or API calls you do in a month starting as low as $9/month. TaxCloud offers 50% off the month to month pricing if a retailer pays up front for a year.

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User Reviews of TaxCloud

Submitted on July 21st, 2019 by Janet

Very fast to setup, and visually stunning!

The Good…

I only have operations in one state so I qualify for their small business “safe harbor” and the service is free!

The Bad…

I wish more states we connected - the 25 free “member” states are great, but asopen operations in other states I have to get registered

Submitted on July 15th, 2019 by Michael Sylvia from Stairparts Connect

TaxCloud is a good value and makes collecting sales tax easier.