Vertex SMB

A software system designed by Vertex.

About Vertex SMB

They have designed an innovative interface and user experience that reduces the time, effort, and risk of managing sales tax compliance.

Vertex SMB runs on the most advanced calculation and returns software platform in the industry, used by thousands of the largest corporations in the world. Positioned to support all of your sales, use and VAT needs as your business grows, Vertex SMB is now right-sized for your organization.

Their end-to-end service model is unique in our industry, because it was built with the end result of compliance in mind. This ensures that the returns and compliance data you submit to the agencies is right the first time–every time.

Vertex SMB is the business division of Vertex Inc. dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses.

Exemption Certificate Management

Efficiently manage exemption processes with Vertex SMB.

Set Effective Date and Expiration Dates

  • Control dates with the ease of automation
  • Stay compliant

Manage Exemptions in Your ERP System

  • Send exempt sales directly to Vertex SMB. No need to enter information twice
  • Classify and organize exempt sales for reporting on tax returns
  • Simplify exemptions by classifying customers or customer categories in your ERP system and Vertex SMB

Manage Customer Exemptions Within Vertex SMB

  • Control who has the ability to exempt customers
  • Create effective dates and expiration dates for customers
  • Set up and control customer exemptions by jurisdiction
  • Use standardized reports to manage and track expiring certificates

Outsource Exemption Certificate Management to Vertex SMB

  • Gain the advantages of a fully customized solution
  • Get ongoing collection, validation, and scanning of customer certificates
  • Access certificates with convenient electronic storage vRenew and update expiring certificates

Returns Filing and Remittance

With Vertex SMB, tax is stress-free because we provide comprehensive management of your tax liabilities. Prepayment management assures that your tax returns always meet their due dates and jurisdiction requirements. You can file tax returns yourself with signature-ready returns or Vertex SMB can file and remit for you. Either way you can be confident that your filings are always accurate, complete, and on-time.

The Vertex SMB Platform Offers&

  • Filing calendar- All returns are filed and mailed, following each state’s requirements and due dates.

  • Customer withdrawals- Vertex SMB ensures all withdrawals from customers are made on time.

  • Prepayment filing, management, and tracking- Consolidated in one efficient system.

  • Process credits and adjustments- An accurate, painless solution.

  • Returns payment management- Enhances customer satisfaction and unburdens your team.

  • Reconciliation and payment reports- Vertex SMB makes reports simple.

  • Amended returns- They’re under control with Vertex SMB.

  • Tax notice management- With full tracking access and notice status updates.

Single-Point Configuration

With Vertex SMB, there is no need to set up separate systems for tax calculations and returns.

Tax Calculations

Gain the advantage of built-in taxability rules for less customization and maintenance. They continuously update all content relating to new tax rules and industries, so you are always up-to-date with Vertex SMB.

  • Real-time sales & use tax rules and rates- We research, develop and maintain our own tax content to keep you current.

  • Built-in product and services rules- Updated continually so you never have to remember what is taxable.

  • Jurisdiction tax amounts- Continuously monitored and updated.

  • State-specific rules for rounding and max taxes- We’re on top of it all for you.

  • Freight and tax holidays- Always accounted for.

  • Detailed reports- Ready to support you for audits and reconciliation.

  • Address validation and cleansing- Helps you work more efficiently in reaching your customers.

  • Seamless Integration- Designed to integrate directly with your ERP or billing system .

  • Signature-ready tax returns- We automatically create signature-ready PDF returns for you

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