An academic center management system.

About AccuTrack

AccuTrack is a comprehensive academic center management system meant to automate the monitoring of staff and students. AccuTrack is a leading software system for managing academic centers and learning labs.

Video Overview

AccuTrack has been in use at colleges and universities since April of 1998 and has thousands of installations all over the nation. This makes AccuTrack the most popular administration software for academic centers and learning labs in the US. The software is also used in Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United Kingdom!


  • Student group tracking and reporting
  • Messaging notifications
  • Multiple sign-in options (barcode, magnetic stripe, RFID)
  • Student demographic information
  • Unlimited records
  • Staff availability and scheduling options
  • Import/export integration with SIS and LMS
  • Surveys
  • Multi-Center scalability
  • Digital session notes and logs

Target Market

Because AccuTrack is so flexible, it meets the needs of all types of academic centers. For example, AccuTrack is being used by tutoring centers, advising centers, writing labs, computer labs, financial aid offices, gyms, student support services, learning centers, cafeterias, and many others! Any center that needs to track students’ visits or schedule appointments can benefit from AccuTrack. As a result, many of the institutions using AccuTrack run it campus-wide in many different types of centers and labs.

Product Overview

User Reviews of AccuTrack

Submitted on June 26th, 2019 by Georges Detiveaux from Lone Star College-Cyfair

I can’t imagine life in our campus labs and centers without AccuTrack. The students find it easy to use, and the faculty and administration appreciate the detailed reports we can generate. We’ve come to depend on this application so much that we’ve just upgraded to AccuSQL!

Submitted on June 26th, 2019 by Sheree L Seib from University of Southern Indiana

AccuTrack outclasses the competition. After a few years with a competitor, we switched to AccuTrack because it is user-friendly, technical support provides quick response, and comprehensive reports generate easily. We highly recommend AccuTrack.

Submitted on June 26th, 2019 by Stephanie Robbins from UC Denver

AccuTrack has been a great addition to our assistive technology computer lab. It has been an imperative tool for us in tracking student usage, lab usage and reporting. I like how the software has many options for reporting features. The support staff at Engineerica were also very helpful in assisting to get the software customized to our needs.