A K-12 School HR, Finance, and Payroll software.

About Frontline ERP

Frontline’s ERP software helps organize everything within your K-12 organization–including financials, human resources, and payroll. This comprehensive solution for K-12 organizational management helps streamline disparate or manual processes into one digital system to connect the dots from recruiting to retirement, budget to spend, and procure to pay.

Using Frontline’s ERP, decisions can now be data-driven via the use of live data dashboards and state/federal reporting that track your HR, finance, and payroll data. You’ll also be able to gain district-wide control over funding and expenses without losing organizational flexibility.

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Frontline ERP Features

The comprehensive solution includes:

Recruiting Management

Swiftly recruit, hire, and onboard great talent.

  • Build in dependencies/notifications to ensure personnel budget before recruiting begins
  • Filter applicants by credentials to easily identify candidates with specific experience, certifications, education, etc.
  • Automate onboarding paperwork to engage new hires from Day 1

Position Management

Your very own robust personnel playbook.

  • Organize staffing needs for now and the future with effective dating
  • Maximize your impact with digital workforce planning and forecasting
  • Keep security and budget accountability at the forefront with organizational mapping and pay structures
  • Track degrees, credentials, professional development, assessments and more across your district

Compensation Management

Handle every employee’s unique scenario with ease.

  • Control stipends from coaching to educational milestones
  • Keep up with your employees’ growing experience with step increment processing
  • Define unique pay structures aligned with contracts, pay cycles and grades
  • Maintain contracts as they evolve from year to year

Benefits Management

Increase flexibility and accuracy with a self-serve employee portal without compromising control

  • Select and enroll in benefits packages
  • Adjust life/qualifying events as situations change
  • Change contact information with the click of a button
  • Access pertinent information pertaining to individual plans

Finance & Payroll Management

Dive deeper behind every dollar spent

  • Define a chart of accounts specific to K12’s unique needs
  • Be confident in financial allocations with simulated budgeting scenarios
  • Seamlessly forecast funding and expenses without skipping a beat
  • Dynamically document the audit trail and supporting materials without snail mail or paper
  • Contextualize journal entries with notes, attachments, and images making data more meaningful
  • Unified compensation and payroll system automates contract pay/stipends and balances teachers’ paid time vs. worked time
  • Automate pay calculations to increase consistency and eliminate dependency on manual intervention

Procurement Management

Make the absolute best use of district funding

  • Confidently process purchasing requests by building compliance routing and rules into the software
  • Rest assured that students, staff, and projects are supported with materials and services that are fair and auditable
  • Keep staff informed and on task with 2-way notifications for purchase orders, requisitions, vendor management and more
  • Seamlessly reconcile from requisition to receiving to payment

Digital Document Management

Manage the people without the paperwork

  • Maximize new hire efficiency with streamlined, digital onboarding
  • Provide permissions-based visibility to employee records
  • Ensure forms are completed and approved on time, by the right people
  • Efficiently manage annual contract renewals online

Reporting and Integrations

Quickly access your information when you need it

  • Rest easy knowing that state and federal reporting is handled
  • Easily build SQL queries and schedule routine exports to other important systems
  • Customize live data dashboards that quickly represent critical information that you rely on

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User Reviews of Frontline ERP

Submitted on April 25th, 2022 by Bill Lovelace from Lubbock ISD

I think that it’s unheard of in districts other than Frontline districts, the integration that’s there between the HR module and the Finance system. Sometimes I call it the best-kept secret, but there’s a tremendous integration.

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Submitted on April 25th, 2022 by Rick Rodriguez from Lubbock ISD

What makes Frontline powerful is the ability for us to extract data from information that we already have. I’m a firm believer that it’s absolutely a powerful, powerful instrument for school districts to use to move in the direction of today’s accountability.

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Submitted on April 25th, 2022 by Kevin Bogue from Tyler ISD

With Frontline, our HR staff is finally able to track our staffing changes (incoming, outgoing and current) and match that data to our financials and state reporting. Being able to leverage that information is a great advantage.

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Submitted on April 25th, 2022 by Ron Wyatt from Goose Creek ISD

Before [Frontline] there was a lot of data entry. Some person’s job was to take something from this application, re-type the exact same data into this [other] application…When we brought in the [Frontline] piece it unified all that, so now the applicant puts data in and it goes all the way to a paycheck and the sub and everything else.

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