A balanced scorecard or strategy planning software.

About BSC Designer

BSC Designer is an agile tool for strategy design and execution. It approaches strategy on different levels - interactive strategy maps, KPIs, initiatives, reporting. The user journey starts with a free plan and 30+ templates for strategy scorecards included. The platform helps to organise team work by providing permissions on various levels.

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BSC Designer Features

  • Interactive strategy maps
  • All-in-one tool for KPI calculation
  • Support of different strategic planning frameworks

BSC Designer Pricing

The cost of BSC Designer starts at $69.96/user/month for larger projects. The software is free for small projects. The freemium version is forever free and the pricing model for larger projects is per user per month or per user per year.

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User Reviews of BSC Designer

Submitted on July 8th, 2021 by Alex Garcia from Moneterium SL

Easy to use, but powerful

The Good…

Available in Spanish, clear interface

The Bad…

Free plan allows just 5 scorecards