Aspen Student Information System

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Manage student data with Aspen Student Information System, from Follett Corporation.

About Aspen Student Information System

Aspen Student Information System, from Follett Corporation, helps students, families, teachers, and administrators manage data and student services.

Aspen SIS helps teachers with classroom management, like attendance, report cards, and discipline reports. It helps students and families by showing up-to-date grades, course and assignment rubrics, and giving them direct communication with teachers. And it helps school administration by housing student health records, fee and tuition histories, and scheduling tools.


  • Advanced Student Data
  • Master Scheduling
  • Customizable State Reporting
  • Student Health Database
  • Specialized Staff (coaches, special education, etc.) Support
  • Virtual Classrooms and File Sharing

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User Reviews of Aspen Student Information System

Submitted on May 4th, 2020 by Mike McEachern

We couldn’t afford to pay for separate SIS, teacher gradebook and health management systems for our nurses. We needed an all-in-one solution. Learning that data of all types could be managed with Aspen showed us how we could do more and spend less. This return on investment was a major factor in our decision.

Once you go Aspen, you won’t go back.