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About Glint

Glint is a people success platform. utilizing talent management, employee engagement, and more, this software allows businesses to make themselves stronger by hiring and maintaining better employees.

The Glint People Success Platform provides visibility into the health of your organization in order to guide effective action. The world’s leading brands use Glint to increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve business results.

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Features of Glint

The solutions offered by the Glint suite include:

Employee Engagement

Gain real-time insight into the health of your organization by providing leaders with deep visibility into the employee experience–allowing them to focus on what is most important and take effective action.

Glint gives managers, leaders, and HR teams on-demand access to employee feedback and an understanding of key opportunities.

This visibility, combined with Glint’s prescriptive recommendations, means managers can quickly take the most impactful actions to increase engagement, build stronger teams, and improve business performance across a global, diverse workforce.

  • Interactive dashboards display a holistic breakdown of an entire organization’s health, identify areas that need attention, and allow users to drill down into data as deep as they want.
  • Leaders and managers see survey results specific to their roles and across engagement programs, giving them quick visibility into the health of their teams.
  • Industry-leading analytics allow you to move beyond data to insight. Heat map, driver impact, KPI linkage, cross-program, and executive presentation reports help you uncover key findings, predict problem areas, and take action with your team.
  • Use Glint’s AI-for-HR™ to monitor millions of data points and generate real-time alerts for employee populations that are at-risk for increased attrition, decreased performance, or other KPI changes.

Employee Development

Glint encourages employees and managers to take greater ownership over their development by guiding them toward effective feedback habits. The lightweight 360, 180 and Anytime Feedback and Recognition programs make it easy for anyone to seek, reflect, and take action on feedback. In-line coaching guides people through the feedback process, while integrated learning content helps them take steps to improve.

Glint reimagines the 360s process to include 180s for employees, so you can broaden access to feedback and learning resources, helping more managers and employees develop as leaders and building a stronger bench leadership.

  • Develop more leaders across your organization with lighter administration, automation of key tasks, and built-in best practices. Spend less time on setup and more time on broadening access to feedback.
  • Focus your people on the right opportunities with intuitive online reporting. In-platform report guidance and interactive rating breakdowns help participants easily interpret their feedback and understand opportunities.
  • Drive growth with world-class learning content and behavioral nudges to remove the typical barriers to action-taking that stand in the way of growth. Create development plans, share progress with managers, and access all relevant LinkedIn Learning content in one integrated platform.
  • Empower employees to own the feedback process and ask for the feedback they need from the people who know them best. Glint helps employees easily request and receive input, turning feedback into an ongoing habit.
  • Ensure employees receive relevant and actionable feedback by leveraging Glint’s configurable templates, inline coaching and contextual guidance on how to provide feedback and how to best receive feedback.
  • Make feedback results easy to understand and transparent to foster trust and openness. Glint presents feedback in an intuitive format so employees can quickly understand and reflect on their opportunities for improvement.

Diversity and Inclusion

With Glint’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIBs) approach, organizations can measure their employee sentiments, empower managers to build inclusive practices in their teams, and create an environment where all people feel they belong.

By providing frontline managers with insightful data, tailored guidance, and curated learning resources, you can equip more leaders to build inclusive practices into their team’s day to day experiences.

People Success

Through the adoption of these People Success habits:

  • Employees feel empowered to shape their team’s culture and seek feedback that helps them improve.
  • Managers are equipped to support their teams and develop into more effective leaders.
  • HR and executives understand what drives people and business success, informing their investments in diversity and inclusion, well-being, and development initiatives.

This is accomplished via Glint’s multiple feedback touchpoints and analytics:

  • Engagement and lifecycle surveys collect feedback throughout the employee journey
  • Respond, Recover, Reimagine toolkits help you adapt your people strategy for the changing world of work
  • Industry-leading analytics uncover high-impact opportunities and predict problem areas
  • Microsoft Viva partnership shows how workplace patterns shape employee perceptions
  • Broader Team Insights ensures every manager has access to their team feedback
  • Guided Conversations coach managers to lead team discussions and set focus areas
  • Integrated LinkedIn Learning videos help managers take action more effectively
  • Adaptive Nudges reach managers in the flow of work, guiding them toward habits for success
  • Post-Survey Learning Experience recommends LinkedIn Learning videos that facilitate self-reflection and quality team discussions
  • Collaborative Action enables employees to develop shared ownership of improvement areas
  • Microsoft Teams integration encourages employees to give feedback in the flow of work

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