A talent management software that helps hire, develop, reward, and advance your workforce.

About PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent is a talent management software that helps companies hire, develop, reward, and advance a skilled and motivated workforce. The solution provides features for recruitment, talent mobility, performance, compensation, succession, organization charting, and learning.

PeopleFluent helps employers and employees come together to recognize and develop talent that inspires businesses to thrive. Employers are provided with a more comprehensive and efficient experience for their employees and their operations that promotes curiosity, creativity, innovation, and happiness.

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PeopleFluent Features

The products and solutions offered within the PeopleFluent Suite include:


Allow your company to hire at scale, manage the brand, and engage with candidates. The recruitment portion of PeopleFluent will manage the hiring process across your entire enterprise and help people add value from day one. This is accomplished through collaboration, video, scorecards, and texting capabilities.

  • Automated requisition approval: Create and route through several predefined approval paths or drafted for ad-hoc instances. Can also be mobile-enabled and do not require authentication by the recipient or imported in real-time from your system of record
  • Job description libraries: Access job information during the requisition process or allow hiring managers to create job descriptions.
  • Workflow management: Build custom recruiting pipelines or stage action triggers such as sending emails, sending assessments and questionnaires, start background screenings, or export hires into your HRMS.
  • Rich candidate profiles: Use applicant tracking to store information on candidates. Include emails, scheduled meetings, review scorecards, notes, qualifications, experience, and contact details.
  • Pre-Screen Questionnaires: Automate workflow based on candidate answers to uncover candidates who meet job requirements.

Talent Mobility

Maximize overall workforce agility with AI-driven talent marketplace. Identify skill gaps to carve new career paths and drive engagement and retention.

  • Continuous skills development: Measure the effectiveness and utilization of learning, deliver targeted learning based on skill gaps and aspirations, and match employees to projects.
  • Mentorships: Find mentors who have expertise through the topic library, track engagements and feedback, and see skills employees are learning
  • Internal mobility: Recommend internal job opening to employees based on skills and career interests, give recruiters transparency into who is viewing posted jobs, and use filters to find relevant internal candidates.


Track goal tracking and evaluations to give managers more time to create business value by helping employees succeed. Use tools to design and deliver programs that scale via custom workflows and evaluations that fit into your existing programs.

  • Career path visualization tool
  • Set individual goals
  • Track progress
  • Data and analytics
  • Talent profiles
  • Talent calibration suggestions


Reward staff and remain competitive with compensation planning tools. Discover role-based visibility and plan realistic compensation scenarios for your rewards program.

  • Automate and manage employee compensation programs
  • Manage bonuses, incentives, and benefits
  • Plan short term and long term outcomes
  • Unlimited plan designs, measures, statements and worksheets.
  • Communication


Succession planning tools identify high-potential talent and help make data-driven decisions for promotions.

  • Search talent pool
  • Current talent assessment
  • Data analytics
  • Succession plans
  • Business goals

Org Charting

Make informed, data-driven decisions that align talent with business goals, control workforce costs, and enable strategic workforce planning goals.

  • Map talent
  • Visual directory
  • Real-time insights


Deliver, track, and analyze training and its business impact. Create, host, and track employee training or online learning programs that foster a culture of continuous learning.

  • Instructor-led training with on-demand learning through user-generated content, social sharing, real-time alerts and responses, and digital coaching
  • Distribute programs to people who need them
  • Measure spontaneous learning moments and their impact on programs your people participate in
  • Content authoring lets designers, instructors, and experts work together to build responsive and engaging content.

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