An AI-driven talent management software.

About TalentGuard

TalentGuard provides the expertise, insights and AI-driven software every organization needs to uncover and nurture the talent inside their organization. By providing a clear actionable view of your company’s skills, roles, and pathways, your people will be able to develop their talents–allowing your business to achieve greatness.

The TalentGuard platform provides:

  • Engagement and Retention: Create the supportive environment and growth opportunities employees need to stay engaged.
  • Reskilling and Upskilling: Give employees simple tools to plan, track, and achieve their learning goals.
  • Compliance: Protect your company and its people by ensuring that everyone meets regulatory and mandated requirements, ethical standards, and shared values.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Remove the bias and ensure opportunities are open to all.

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TalentGuard Features

The features in the TalentGuard Platform include:

Competency Management

  • Talent Frameworks: Lay the foundation for talent management
  • Competency Manager: Put your competency data to work
  • Intelligent Role Studio: Evolve your career architecture and role progressions

Talent Assurance

  • Talent Assessment: Take inventory and standardize your employees’ skills

Workforce Enablement

  • Career Pathing: Help employees envision their professional future
  • Succession Planning: Predict and manage your future talent needs
  • Development Planning: Inspire growth and feedback with employee goals
  • Performance Reviews: Spark meaningful growth throughout the year
  • 360 Feedback: Show employees how others view them, but make it actionable
  • Certification Tracker: Track certification obligations and compliance

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User Reviews of TalentGuard

Submitted on March 1st, 2022 by Matt Zielke from EthosEnergy

The value the product created far outreached our expectations. We are happy that we selected TalentGuard rather than some of the larger players within the market space. I would recommend using this tool because it offers deep functionality at an affordable price point and the Customer Success Team is truly focused on our success.