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PROCAS Web-Enabled Timekeeping System

A software system designed by PROCAS.
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Many government contractors find that one of their greatest challenges is actively monitoring and reporting their most precious resource the time of their workforce. Federal procurements require contractors to ensure that employee time is recorded promptly and accurately, is duly approved by managers and is supported by a full audit trail. While the regulations require a methodical, highly structured approach to timekeeping, business economics dictate that organizations make informed decisions using timely and accurate information. PROCAS Web-Enabled Timekeeping System is Easy to Use, Powerful, Customizable, has a seamless integration with PROCAS Project Accounting solutions and allows organizations to be fully compliant with U.S. Federal Government regulations.

Your users, including W-2 employees, consultants and subs can enter time remotely using a unique user ID. Once logged in, they can enter their time and other comments to each time entry, allowing others to view those comments. At a management level, you will have the ability to direct projects, tasks and indirect labor accounts authorized for each employee.

Once the employee enters his/her time, the timesheet is submitted for approval creating electronic signatures. Supervisors need to approve the timesheets, so an e-mail message is automatically sent to the supervisor or project approver to alert them that timesheets are awaiting approval. Once approved, the employee is notified via email.

Available to supervisors, project approvers and system administrators, are timesheet status summaries. This allows managers to identify timesheets that have not been started, submitted, awaiting approval or have been approved.

Important to all is an automatic import into the PROCAS Accounting Software and easy exportation to third-party payroll processors.

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