A web based time clock software

About OnTheClock

OntheClock is a compltely web-based time clock software. This platform, accessible on browsers and mobile devices, lets you spend less time worrying about time tracking, accuracy and compliance and more time on growing your business.

The OnTheClock platform is designed to be easy to use yet robust.

video Overview

OnTheClock Feature

  • Time clock
  • GPS tracking
  • payroll and project reporting
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Mobile apps and online access
  • Messaging tools
  • Scheduling and automated breaks
  • Job and project costing
  • Alerts and employee reminders

Software Pricing

OnTheClock is priced based on the number of employees using the platform. This software is free for one to two employees. For larger businesses, this is the breakdown:

  • 3-10 employees: $3.00
  • 11-25 employees: $2.95
  • 26-50 employees: $2.90
  • 51-100 employees: $2.85
  • 101-200 employees: $2.80
  • 201-300 employees: $2.75
  • 301-400 employees: $2.70

For companies with over 400 employees, request a quote.

Product Overview

User Reviews of OnTheClock

Submitted on June 28th, 2021 by Jeff

We are a small business with staff working irregular hours. We needed to streamline payroll entry & tracking, so we began looking at various options. On the Clock turned out the be an excellent choice for us. Our staff can clock in wherever they are when they start work, they love it. Our office manager has simple, complete reporting the way she wants it. The program is very flexible and easy to understand. We spend less than 15 minutes a week figuring and writing paychecks instead of chasing lost time sheets. And the price is quite fair for smaller companies, so we can get started now improving our organization and professionalism as we grow. The only time we had a question about how to generate a specific report, the OTC support staff had an immediate friendly answer. We are definitely fans! This is the kind of solution small businesses need. Thank you OTC!

Submitted on May 24th, 2021 by Cris

I love this platform super easy to use and lots and lots of features for either free or a really low price! I love it!

Submitted on May 14th, 2021 by Bfort

I have used On The Clock for years with great success. Employees must sign in and out from their desk. No guessing how much time they work. Now we send over the hours to my CPA for payroll to be done. It makes the employee responsible for their timesheet and hours. Love it!