OPT Runner

A software system designed by ACT Operations Research.

About OPT Runner

OPT Runner is a transportation management system that features vehicle planning, scheduling, dispatch, and fleet network analysis and route optimization software to assist customers to cut transportation costs and balance service levels. It also provides communications to drivers of their daily schedule via email and text. and can monitor them via local vehicle tracking systems.

The software is available on premise or with a SaaS model for usage.

Video Overview

Primary Features

  • Max hours on service tracking
  • Dispatch, Scheduling, and Route Optimization.
  • Distribution from a single warehouse.
  • Distribution from a warehouse linked to one or more transit points.
  • Distribution with a primary and secondary network.
  • Last mile & door-to-door distribution for postal, express services, etc.
  • Distribution of e-commerce orders from various stock locations
  • Real time connection to GPS/Vehicle tracking system

OPT Runner can also be used to schedule sales or servicemen and any type of activity and workforce moving on a territory like the example maintenance.

  • Max stops per vehicle.
  • Main KPIs available for analysis

Target Market

  • 3PL Companies
  • Trucking Companies
  • Retail
  • CPG
  • Electronics
  • Food/Beverage Fleet Vehicle Owners
  • Delivery Services Companies
  • Overnight Delivery Companies
  • Fleet Service Organizations (telecom, utility, gas, etc.)
  • Companies with 20-500+ employees


  • Starts at $18,000 upfront for (1) man month
  • $500/month (3) users for (2) years max
  • Pricing depends on scope of the model
  • Services (model creation + data validation + training) typically 1-4 man months @ ~$k/month - depends on scope of network and # of vehicles.
  • Plus outright purchase SW license + annual maintenance 18% or Usage Model ($/# of models run per month or year)
  • Free trial available

Product Overview

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