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About Field Nation ONE

Field Nation ONE is a blended workforce management solution that brings your entire workforce in one place. Post new work, manage current projects, and assign talent all from one dashboard. Coordinate with all your private vendors, W2 employees, and independent contractors in one platform. Route work to your private network first, then search the Marketplace to fill coverage gaps. Managing all talent in one place helps increase efficiency, workflow, and internal communication.

By managing all work in one platform, you can optimize internal processes. View all work at once, and catch at-risk work quickly. Robust reporting features reveal areas for growth and cost savings.

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  • Custom Onboarding
  • Browse & Recruit Talent
  • Create Talent Pools
  • Manage Workflow
  • Track Compliance

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User Reviews of Field Nation ONE

Submitted on April 15th, 2020 by Mike Nigai from In-Store Focus

Using Field Nation helped us see a path to close the remaining execution gap, and achieve 100% completion on national rollouts.