A freelance management solution for enterprises

About JobBliss

JobBliss is an enterprise management tool for finding and tracking your freelance talent pool. Use this platform to build, manage and track your flexible workforce across your organization.

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Features of JobBliss

  • BUILD: Your private company database of approved freelance talent.
  • MANAGE: Freelancer job postings, progress and team activity across your organization.
  • TRACK: Rates, jobs, documents and more, all in one dashboard!
  • SAVE TIME: Quickly find the right skill sets and get your teams working without delays
  • SAVE MONEY: No need for 3rd party recruiters and no freelancer rate markup
  • CONSOLIDATE TALENT: Share preferred, pre-vetted talent across your organization
  • REDUCE DATA LOSS: Maintain all work, talent contact info, and agreements in one place
  • ENSURE DATA SECURITY: Document governance, invoicing, and contracts

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