A web-based ERP system designed by 3I Infotech for manufacturing and distribution/wholesale trade companies.


The ORION WMS is a comprehensive, affordable, full-featured warehouse solution for manufacturers and distributors.

In addition to satisfying the general needs of manufacturers and distributors, the ORION WMS can be used at a stand alone, best-of-breed solution. However, when integrated with the other ORION modules, to include ERP, CRM, and SCM, an organization can take full advantage of a state-of-the-art enterprise-wide solution that can increase the efficiency and productivity of business processes and practices. Our warehouse module is suited for all sizes of businesses ranging from the small, single location business to the medium-size business with multi-location, multi-division operations with numerous production lines and product mixes. You now have the power and technology to effectively and efficiently manage your business today and grow it in the future.

**What we can do for you? **

At 3i Infotech, we understand the unique requirements for a WMS that supports manufacturing and distribution companies and how to use software technology to meet the associated challenges.

The ORION WMS, either as a stand alone or a fully integrated application, delivers a comprehensive, affordable, and full-featured warehouse solution. This solution enables our customers to increase their global competitiveness and respond to market conditions and constraints. These objectives are achieved while minimizing their material and inventory carrying cost and increasing warehouse productivity.

Our Solution Facilitates Business Management by Providing:

  • Maximize warehouse resources and inventory to improve delivery times
  • Effectively utilize wireless and infrared technologies to expedite routine warehouse activities and increase accuracy
  • Suggest or recommend put away alternatives that are best suited for the business
  • Automate matching with enterprise-wide data such as purchase orders, receipts, and invoices
  • Support advanced picking strategies such as pick-to-light (PTL) and voice directed picking (VDP)
  • Control and account for inventory in various stage of completion
  • Support short and long-term RFID compliance strategies
  • Reduce implementation time and increase the return on investment with the inclusion of 4 world class tools

Having Implemented the ORION WMS, Our Customers, as You Will, Have Realized Real and Tangible Benefits and Savings Such As:

  • Better control and management of the warehouse and its contents
  • More in-depth decision support tools for complex analysis
  • Improved utilization of warehouse space through suggested putaways and inventory moves
  • Improved visibility and availability to inventory information to reduce carrying costs
  • Better integration of inbound and outbound activities
  • Increased resource utilization
  • Extensive, end-to-end lot tracking
  • User-defined warehouse layout and slot locations
  • Effective use of technology to eliminate of duplicate and inaccurate data entry
  • Extensive API’s for interfacing to third party packages and existing software
  • Tools to expedite the implementation process and minimize the associated costs

See what ORION WMS can do for your business, how it can improve your bottom line, and pick/pack/ship the savings to the bank.

Automated Data Collection (ADC)

ORION WMS supports wireless, handheld technology to increase the overall productivity and efficiency of the warehouse.


  • Provides for a paperless and efficient putaway of products from the docks to warehouse locations
  • Provides for paperless transmission of instructions and, together with scanning technology, helps to ensure that the right items are picked from the right locations
  • Supports real-time confirmation of putaway and picking activities to maintain up-to-date inventory data and online support for handling exceptions and correcting errors


  • Automated data collection for receiving
  • Automated data collection for picking and shipping
  • Two-way, real-time communications


ORION WMS enables you to complete all activities associated with receiving, putaway, and control of inventory to ensure that material and goods are available for the next stage in the process as soon as practical.


  • Tracks via barcoded license plates the movement of pallets both within your facility and in shipment
  • Captures automatically the contents of pallets, permitting the completion of activities (i.e. transfers, adjustments, picks, counts) through a single transaction or barcode scan, thereby eliminating keystrokes and user error
  • Suggests stock locations for incoming material and products utilizing rule-based criteria that consider such factors as physical dimensions, environment conditions, and co-location requirements
  • Automatically recognizes inbound product to satisfy and expedite customer orders, thereby eliminating put away and picking functions
  • Authorizes vendor payment after automatically comparing what was ordered and at what price, per to the purchase order, to what was received, per the receiver, and what is being charged, per the invoice
  • Supports intermediate staging of material and goods awaiting inspection or quality control review and transfers to a non-nettable, non-pickable status upon review failure


  • Physical control of pallets
  • Palletization of material and control
  • Intelligent putaway of material and products
  • Cross docking support
  • Auto match of purchase order, receiver, and invoice
  • Designation of inspection and/or quarantine locations

Inventory Control and Management

ORION WMS provides you with the facilities to manage and control your inventory in the ways most conducive to how you do business and optimize results.


  • Facilitates the taking of a complete physical inventory or technology. Cyclical counting through the use of ABC codes, utilizing bar code technology to decrease time and increase accuracy

  • Maximizes the use of warehouse space

  • Permits you buy and store in bulk and issue in EA’s issuing

  • Better inventory management resulting in reduced carrying costs Features

  • Physical and cycle inventory counting with optional use of RF technology

  • Multiple locations for same item

  • Separate units of measure (UOM) for stock keeping and stock issuing

  • Built in triggers and alerts, suggested inventory movements, and stock consolidations


ORION WMS supports all of the activities associated with the picking, packing, shipping, and tracking of product to customers, helping to ensure the completion of the perfect order.


  • Enables enforcement of picking strategies that can be tailored to ingredients or finished goods and their unique handling requirements
  • Supports tracking in terms meaningful and expected in your industry and to your customers. For lubricants, characteristics could include viscosity and density; for meats, grade and cut; for textiles, color and shade
  • Provides for specifying the packing requirements, packaging material, and ship method that can be incorporated within the bar code for conveyor diverting logic
  • Support integration with third party logistics such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx to enable the use of in-transit tracking protocols


  • Multiple picking strategies to include FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, and expiration date with additional strategies that can be defined through easy-to-use, rule-based pick and click menus
  • User-defined lot characteristics
  • Packing and shipping instructions defined at item level
  • Shipper tracking

Warehouse Management

ORION WMS enables you to manage activities to increase efficiency and maximize the resource inside and out of the four walls of the warehouse.


  • Ensures timely scheduling and completion of tasks to avoid processes from being overlooked or forgotten
  • Enables monitoring of activities by comparing planned versus actual, committed resources and for use in future schedules
  • Promotes maximization of warehouse space and the freeing up of inventory locations
  • Reduces the time for routine activities such as pick confirmations, warehouse transfers, and physical inventories and increases accuracy
  • Provides complete flexibility to define warehouse locations, slot dimensions, and statuses (i.e. pickable, non-pickable)


  • Automated mechanism for specifying required actions
  • Labor cost and time reporting against the specified activities
  • Suggested inventory moves and consolidation
  • Support for barcode, handheld, and radio frequency technology
  • User-defined warehouse layout

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