An artificial intelligence software for warehouse automation

About Automate

Automate software by Invata Intralogistics empowers retailers uses Artificial Intelligence to help retailers and distributors meet customer commitments by ensuring the most profitable approach to handling and shipping possible. This allows companies of all sizes to compete with the best and grow market share.

Automate replaces separate warehouse software life WMS, WCS, WES, TMS, and LMS. It acts as one comprehensive solution that controls all the logistical, equipment, and human functions in a retail distribution center from receiving through shipping.

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  • Inventory Control: Gain complete control of your inventory, while providing the financial compliance and reporting needed for adherence to regulatory practices  so you know what you have and where you have it and can fill orders in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Technology Enablement: Get access to emerging technology through plug-in capabilities. Any technology that can enhance efficiency can be enabled, integrated, and fully supported as it comes to market  so you can use technological change to your advantage.
  • Optimization: Algorithms use real-time data and resource/time-based priorities to reach decisions that optimize productivity in widely fluctuating operational conditions  so you can add predictable outcomes to your daily checklist.
  • Delivery Options: Minimize shipping costs by selecting the shipping carrier and service level options for each order that is most cost effective, given the promised customer delivery date  so you can maintain profit margins while building customer loyalty.
  • Data Visualization: Continuously captures and processes millions of operational data points for use in real-time decisions, system-wide visibility, business insight, and continuous improvement  so you can maintain your edge for the life of your system

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User Reviews of Automate

Submitted on June 30th, 2020 by Carl Marcinkowski from Destination Maternity

No one had come back to us and said this is how it all works, and works together — except Invata. Invata’s solution blended together a system that satisfied all our requirements. It was an end to end solution that incorporated all aspects of system design, implementation, integration, and support — and Invata proposed to use its own warehouse execution software to control the entire fulfillment process. They also proposed to multi-task the material handling equipment to enable us to service multiple channels on the same equipment, including reverse logistics, which would enable us to get maximize return from our capital spend. We needed a complete solution from a single, fully accountable source, and Invata provided that.