Mobile WMS and last-mile distribution system from Distribution Hub.

About Distribution Hub

Distribution Hub is an end-to-end mobile warehouse, inventory, pick-pack-ship, fleet routing and delivery solution for small and medium enterprise businesses.

Clients use Distribution Hub because it is truly all-in-one, being able to manage product and customers across multiple warehouses and across an unlimited fleet size. Not only is dHUB capable of warehouse and inventory management, but dHUB has the full capability to route your fleet to service customers in local areas.

Through the mobile app, all aspects of the business can be handled directly by the person managing the tasks from picking to shipping, internal transfers, field sales and beyond.

With the power to integrate with over 1000+ different software solutions, you can be sure it’ll fit with what you already use to extend and enhance your business processes.

dHUB improves efficiency, cuts costs, and boosts sales all within one ecosystem!

Primary Features

  • Admin interface with mobile app running on any iOS/Android device
  • Purchase orders and lead timing
  • Product check-in comparing the original PO
  • Product put-away and capacity planning
  • Inventory management (variations, kitting, product relationships)
  • Field sales app and driver routing
  • Barcode scanning without the need to purchase extra hardware
  • Pick-pack-ship within the mobile app
  • Manage machines & parts internally or at customers
  • Light production & manufacturing
  • Delivery routing with proof of delivery and field payments accepted
  • Last mile delivery optimization
  • AI & machine learning for capacity planning, delivery routing, lead timing, and purchase orders
  • The only WMS with the capability to operate robots for picking and product allocation

Target Market

Companies with physical product, primarily food & beverage, janitorial & chemical supply, and business supplies.

Pricing Model

Pricing starts at $99/month/user + 1-year of monthly costs for implementation.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Distribution Hub

Submitted on September 5th, 2019 by Anonymous

No other software handled my routing & delivery with inventory, this is great!

Submitted on September 5th, 2019 by Anonymous

Does more than I thought it would.

Submitted on September 5th, 2019 by Anonymous

Dramatically reduced my costs.