Warehouse Manager

A multi-module management system designed by Mincron Software Systems.

About Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager is a full–functioned WMS system. The system offers comprehensive capabilities and practically infinite flexibility in the application making it adaptable for virtually any warehousing and logistics operation. Features include receiving & putaway; intelligent picking, packing and shipping; strategic resources allocation algorithms; bar code scanning and printing; random and/or dedicated slotting; directed putaway, virtual locations; moveable and nested movable units; cubing & dimensioning and cross docking.

Command Center

Your always in control! The command center also known as the work flow distribution center monitors all activities in the warehouse – work that is queued up in each functional area, resources and equipment which are available or in use, and what priorities must be met to fulfill commitments to your customers and vendors. The Command Center then issues, with your confirmation, the work instructions to personnel in different work areas throughout the warehouse. It is all accomplished in a manner that make best use of your resources.

Intelligent Picking, Packing & Shipping

Warehouse Manager helps you design and implement the most efficient methods for picking, packing and shipping goods–taking into account warehouse location, size, weight, promised delivery date and more.

Moveable & Nested Movable Units

Warehouse Manager can allow you to create, and track the contents of, temporary or permanent moveable ýbins,ý such as carts, forklifts, boxes or shipping containers. As these units are used, the system can track their contents, even when units are nested inside one another. This feature allows your customer service personnel to know, for example, exactly how an order was packed for shipping.

Personnel & Equipment Profiling

Provides vital information on warehouse personnel such as associates employees with zoning, links personnel to job(s), activities, work queues, and equipment. Warehouse equipment is managed by access parameters and operational capacities.

Random And/or Dedicated Slotting

Whether your needs are best served by placing products in specific, dedicated locations, or by maximizing space usage by allowing more random placement of goods, Warehouse Manager can slot the products appropriately, and defines and stores the locations for quick retrieval.

Receiving and Putaway

Incoming goods are recorded in the system, added to the inventory, optionally labeled with barcodes and directed to the proper location in the warehouse.

Virtual Locations

In a unique Mincron feature, Warehouse Manager can subdivide all of your warehouse locations into small coded ýbytesý of space which can then be combined into ývirtual locations,ý custom sized for particular products. This allows the highly space-efficient modular subdivision of larger locations without losing accuracy in either inventory or product location. Furthermore, as your needs change, Virtual Locations allows you to change product location assignments without relabeling your racks.

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