LISA Distribution WMS

A software system designed by N’ware Technologies.

About LISA Distribution WMS

Streamlining the supply chain is fundamental to today’s competitive business environment. Key to that streamlining, is optimizing warehouse operations; from order management to dispatching to fulfillment and shipping. LISA distribution WMS products are seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign and are designed to better manage your supply chain, increase your visibility, your accuracy and the efficiency of your entire warehouse.

LISA Distribution WMS is a world class solution tailored for Small/start-up, midsized and larger enterprises.

A proven WMS solution that has been installed globally, LISA Distribution helps companies in the following critical operational areas:

  • Improve inventory visibility and reduce carrying costs with real-time, high quality information on inventory that is in-bound, in-process and at a warehouse, zone, and bin level across the entire enterprise.
  • Increase control over warehouse management functions such as cycle counting, inventory moves, warehouse transfers, physical counting and warehouse space optimization.
  • Increase warehouse productivity with system directed put away, picking and cycle counting processes.
  • Support remote warehouse locations or 3PL’s with LISA’s web based transaction interface. Provide the tools for remote warehouse personnel to make real-time transactions for inventory movements.
  • Take advantage of plug-and-play integration with EDI and Shipping solutions to streamline and compress your companies Order to Cash cycle to increase cash flow, reduce returns and optimize your inventory.

Easy to Use Interface

Data is only useful if it is realtime and accurate. LISA Distribution WMS provides an automated radio frequency based data collection process that is as easy to use as it is accurate. Build with Web Browser based technology it runs on Windows Mobile technology.

Multiple Deployment Methods

Today’s technology landscape is ever changing. That is why LISA Distribution WMS lets you choose your deployment method;

  • In the Cloud
  • On Premise
  • Hosted

Software Modules

Warehouse Configuration

  • Support single or multiple physical and virtual warehouses
  • Define Zones and Storage Types
  • Random or Fixed Locations by SKU
  • Location configuration with capacity and velocity management
  • Optimize travel through the warehouse with user defined travel sequences by location
  • Configure replenishment strategies

Support All Your Warehouse Processes

  • Container Management and Receiving
  • License Plate support
  • Purchase Order Receiving with directed put-away
  • Directed Order, Batch or Bulk Picking
  • Pack Out and Print Carton Content Labels(UCC-128 format)
  • Shipping with integration to multiple Carriers
  • Cycle and Physical Counting
  • RMA Processing
  • Expiry dating with FIFO/FEFO support
  • Streamlined Serial and Lot/Batch processing
  • Truck Route Planning and Processing

Order and Warehouse Workload

  • Management
  • Single User Interface to Manage, Prioritize and Dispatch orders
  • Hard Allocation Support
  • Real Time Fill Rate Calculations
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields Supported to enhance filtering, sorting and grouping of orders
  • Automated Cross Docking
  • Creation of Batch and Bulking Picking Groups

Product Overview

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