An ERP system designed by Pangea Business Solutions for professional services companies.

About WMSExpress

WMSExpress is leading warehouse management software that integrates seamlessly into your current ERP Solution providing you with the benefits offered by bar code labeling and Radio Frequency technology. It controls receiving, movement and processing inside the warehouse as well as shipping by maintaining data available at all times and in every cycle of the operation.

Inventory accuracy and customer service with quicker deliveries and perfect fulfillment rates are crucial to maintain competitiveness and increase profitability as well as produce strong return on your supply chain management investment.

WMSExpress integrates receiving, put away, picking and shipping processes to provide total inventory control within your warehouse. It helps you pave the way to an automated, productive distribution operation to achieve better control over the movement and storage of materials within your warehouse. In today’s tight economy, efficiency is the key to maintain profit and technology is being used to transfer efforts from employees to computer systems.

Our WMSExpress is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

At Pangea Business Solutions, Inc., our mission is to bridge the gap between your distribution demands and technology solutions to help you achieve better control over the movement and storage of materials within your warehouse with WMSExpress and Microsoft Dynamics GP. The results are maximized efficiency in receipt and shipment of goods, optimized warehouse space utilization, and a more accurate picture of your daily business operations.


  • Speeds up receiving and shipping of merchandise
  • Increases transparency and accuracy of inventory data
  • Optimizes warehouse space utilization
  • Increases efficiency of warehouse operators
  • Minimizes shipping errors

Streamline purchasing, order fulfillment, inventory and returns management. With WMSExpress and Microsoft Dynamics GP, warehouse management employees can optimize layout, picking methods, and movement to ensure an efficient product flow throughout the warehouse. Leverage the use of bar codes and scanners to maintain accurate, real-time inventory data, helping your business further reduce errors.

Simplify your warehouse processes with a single database structure that allows complete automation of all distribution areas and provides all departments with access to the same set of accurate inventory data for improved customer service. Simplify traceability and speed up handling shipment of goods with directed put-away and picking processes. The scan system tells you where to put it–no need to count pieces, no need to re-enter information; and tells you where to find it - so you can rapidly locate and track product to multiple bins in the warehouse.

Save time and money by automating your workforce. They run the warehouse, drive the forklifts, and pick and package the orders. By speeding up the order handling process, providing accurate inventory data, and knowing at all times exactly where your goods are stored, your workforce will help grow your business without adding costs and make your business more profitable.


  • Automatically assigns items into bins
  • Immediate update of ERP solutions
  • Back order notification -Barcode label generation
  • Real-time RMA receiving


  • Paperless picking order fulfillment
  • Automatically register picks in ERP solution
  • Directed picking processes
  • Track outgoing deliveries
  • Allows partial shipments
  • FIFO, LIFO & FEFO enforced picking methodologies


  • Automated Data Collection Software
  • Mobility with Intermec & other industry-leading hardware
  • Multi-bin capability
  • On the spot inventory corrections & adjustments
  • Automated site-to-site inventory transfer
  • Efficient lot & serial tracking
  • Cycle counting for fast physical inventory
  • Item cross-reference without re-labeling

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