Profit WMS

A warehouse management system designed by TurningPoint Systems, Inc.

About Profit WMS

Profit WMS, from TurningPoint Systems, is a real time wireless warehouse management system (order picking system) that utilizes wrist mount devices with ring scanners allowing not just pickers but ALL WAREHOUSE EMPLOYEES to use both hands for all tasks in a paperless environment.

Features include easy to use prompts, scan verification of all warehouse item movements, label printing, batch picking, container quality assurance, truck loading and real time management information views.

Installation typically takes less than a month and the ROI on Profit WMS is typically less than 12 months!

Profit Delivery is also available allowing drivers to scan all containers, cartons, and cases at the point of delivery eliminating mis-deliveries.

Key Features:

  • Hands Free Receiving
  • Hands Fee Put-away
  • Hands Free Inventory
  • Hands Free Picking
  • Hands Free Consolidation
  • Hands Free Loading
  • Identifies Mis-picks and Overages
  • Handles Substitutes and Reason Codes
  • Improve Entire Warehouse Accuracy

RF receiving allows incoming product to be scanned at the receiving dock OR in specific warehouse zones. Once received, items are immediately available for put-away with the system suggesting where to place the product based on standard industry and rotation practices. Product is available for picking directly from the dock, if desired, when put-away has not been completed and inventory is required for picking.

RF replenishment allows for both forecasted and emergency replenishment. Forecasted replenishment uses many variables such as movement history, pallet move logic, slot minimum and maximums to most efficiently direct personnel to most efficiently replenish pick locations. Looking not just at the current day’s needs, but at the most efficient needs over a period of time based on location size. RF replenishment can reduce the amount of time used for replenishment using these tested algorithms.

RF order picking allows warehouse managers to set criteria for picking by zone to most efficiently pick and pack product. Hands free, directed picking into totes, boxes, case picking can be configured by zone. Barcoded labels include the description and quantity of the product that is in each tote and box.

Managers can monitor the progress in real time utilizing pick control screens to determine if personnel should be moved from one zone to another to balance the nights picks and loading. A consolidation station can be used to reduce the number of containers going out by consolidating multiple zones into fewer boxes and totes. Reports are available to show who picked what and average pick rates by zone and by employee.

RF Loading: Pick zones can be configured to use specific loading lanes for consolidation and truck loading. Each container and tote are scanned onto the truck by route and stop. The system verifies that all required containers are placed on the correct truck in the correct order. Management loading screens allow managers to monitor loading progress by truck to effectively manage personnel so trucks are sure to leave at the schedule times.

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