Virtual WMS

A software system designed by Greg Frazier, CPA, PLLC for distribution/wholesale trade and retail trade companies.

About Virtual WMS

Virtual WMS is a warehouse management system for warehouse companies and logistics service providers that require a system for tracking high-volume pallet traffic, as well as stock let-down activity, bin transfer activity and daily recurring storage activity, while charging their customers service and storage fees. The system is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Inventory Control and Sales Order Processing modules. Virtual WMS takes full advantage of the inventory bin management and inventory lot numbering functionality intrinsic to the Dynamics GP Inventory Control module, avoiding the burden of learning a new inventory system separate from Dynamics GP.

A central feature of Virtual WMS is the Warehouse Bin Control table. The Bin Control table establishes a virtual link between your warehouse floor plan and physical bin locations, and the bin and inventory records in Dynamics GP.

Bin dimensions and locations, measured to the inch, enable Virtual WMS to determine a suggested auto put-away plan. It also prevents erroneous manual put-away and bin transfer activity.

The Bin Control table is the data source for presenting a 3-dimensional interactive virtual view of inventory in the warehouse through Google SketchUp. SketchUp is a free 3D modeling program developed by Google for professional architects, civil engineers and related professions for presenting physical objects to scale (Enlarge the image adjacent to this product description to view an example). Virtual WMS is fully integrated with SketchUp to produce interactive visuals that depict pallet locations, tagged with item numbers, pallet quantities, lot numbers, UPC codes, etc… You can take a virtual stroll through aisles in your warehouse and zoom in to selected pallets or zoom out for a bird’s eye view of inventory in a selected aisle.

Virtual WMS is compatible with the Motorola Symbol MC3000 series wireless bar-code scanners, Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system.

Key Features:

  • Fully Integrated with Dynamics GP’s * Inventory Management Module
  • Creates bar-coded pallet labels for in-bound shipments and bin transfers
  • Compatibility with Motorola Symbol MC3000 series wireless bar-code scanners, Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Centralized Bin Control Table with zoom functionality
  • Inbound Shipments and Storage Processing
  • Customized Purchase Order-Level Put-away
  • Customized Item-Level Put-away
  • Real-time pallet and case bin transfers
  • Demand driven suggested Let-down schedule based on oldest receipt date or product expiration date
  • 3-dimensional Interactive Virtual View of Warehouse Aisles
  • 3-dimensional Interactive Virtual View of Inventory Locations
  • Import inbound EDI 940 transactions
  • Export outbound EDI 846 records
  • Recurring Storage Report
  • Physical Stock Count Entry and Reporting by Bins

Primary Windows:

  • Inbound Receipts
  • Document Level Put-away Plan
  • Item Level Put-away Plan
  • EDI 940 Transactions Import
  • EDI 940 Manual Entry
  • Route Returns
  • Manual Let-Downs (Bin Quantity Transfers)
  • Physical Stock Count Entry
  • Bin Control Table Maintenance
  • Customer Item X-reference Maintenance
  • Common Names Table Maintenance
  • Virtual WMS Item Maintenance

Primary Reports:

  • In-bound Inventory Receipts Report
  • Put-away Summary Schedule
  • Stock Status Report by Bin
  • Stock Status Report by Lot Numbers within Bins
  • EDI 940 Transaction Import Summary Report
  • EDI 940 Manual Entry Report
  • Recurring Storage Charges Report
  • EDI 846 Excel File
  • Customer Item Cross-reference Report
  • Physical Stock Count Report

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