Wireless Warehouse in a Box

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A software system designed by Systems Logic.

About Wireless Warehouse in a Box

Wireless Warehouse in a Box is an industry leading, turn-key Warehouse Management Solution targeting small and mid-sized Distributors, Fulfillment and Third Party Warehousing (3PL) industries.

With a focus on mobility and 100% real-time capabilities, Warehouse in a Box provides over 80% of all functionality directly on the mobile scanning devices, both empowering and keeping your team on the floor, driving instant efficiency with maximum flexibility.

Designed, developed, delivered and supported in North America, Systems Logic provides its’ clients with a high level of agility to meet the demanding changes in the Supply Chain industry. All solutions are implemented, trained and supported by Systems Logic staff, and not resellers, ensuring you have a direct connection to the designers and input into the solution itself.

From directed put-away to picking, packing, and labeling, Warehouse in a Box WMS ensures tier 1 functionality with boutique level service.


  • Multi-tenant, Multi-facility capable
  • Directed Put-away
  • Directed Picking, packing and automated custom labeling
  • Pallet, Case, Piece and mixed order types.
  • Product/SKU detailed management including dimensional, photos and custom specifications.
  • Pharmaceutical grade track and traceability including Lot and Serial Code tracking
  • Capacity and location type management
  • LTL Carrier Compliance, Rate Shopping and Labeling
  • Complete 3PL Storage and Transaction based Billing system
  • Built in Customer Notification System, ideal for clients and end customer notifications of order status.
  • MS Excel like reporting system, allowing drag and drop report writing.
  • Ability to export most items to Excel, PDF, HTML, TXT and other standard digital formats
  • Integration with leading small and mid-market ERPs (QuickBooks, NetSuite, Microsoft and others)
  • Fully integrated EDI and E-commerce Shopping Cart capabilities.

Target Market

  • Small to mid-sized organizations, with an average user base of 6 to 20 concurrent users.
  • Working with Distributors, 3PLs, and E-Commerce based organizations.
  • In all verticals including; Consumer Goods, Manufacture Supply, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Alcohol and Cannabis.
  • Generally companies with 5-100 employees


  • Purchased upfront
  • Starts at $50,000
  • Priced per concurrent user
  • No free trial available
Starting Price
$50,000 (perpetual license)
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Wireless Warehouse in a Box

Submitted on June 10th, 2019 by Reinhard Simonis

Simtech has recently had the pleasure of dealing with Systems Logic on a full install of their Wireless Warehouse In a Box throughout our 5 facilities. This investment has proven to be a positive step for Simtech and our customers. Systems Logic’s ability to customize the system for our needs, help with our wide range of customer and industry-specific demands.

We have identified inventory accuracy of over 98%, streamlined reporting /billing functions and a standardization process throughout our business model. Our customers are also benefitting from the ease of information available through our web-based reporting porthole. By implementing the wireless handhelds within all facilities, Simtech has eliminated wasted space by over 20% and a reduction in “Pick-Time.”

Submitted on June 10th, 2019 by Tim Deroy

In early 2007, we engaged Systems Logic to implement the Wireless Warehouse In A Box solution in our 185,000 square foot warehousing facility. Solid solution, supported by a hands-on implementation team.

Throughout our entire project timeframe, Systems Logic always went the extra mile adding requested, and unrequested, enhancements.

Wireless Warehouse in a Box WMS system has brought accuracy and visibility to our warehouse, and helped us to open doors to new customers. It has also proven to be a valuable tool for more efficient and accurate picking with the mapping and real-time capabilities delivered through the solution.

Submitted on June 10th, 2019 by Kevin Trent

Our 1st WWIAB inventory resulted in an accuracy rate of 99.9933%. And even better, the outside auditors … noted that their time could be better spent at other facilities.

Submitted on June 10th, 2019 by Marty G. Ryan

The fact that Systems Logic had the knowledge and actual experience with our current manufacturing system was certainly one of the obvious reasons we chose the product. The proposal and business model and the approach to our solution was professional, well documented, well researched and as a result, CPS was awarded the contract to Systems Logic.

The upgrade has exceeded our expectations, and we are now considering the possibility of additional upgrades. The process, timeline, and results committed were a challenge, to say the least, but Systems Logic’s dedication to the project was most certainly the reason for such a success.

Submitted on June 10th, 2019 by David Smith Jr.

The software is helping to organize our warehouse inventory. We also use the software for production scheduling, raw material management and customer sales. To date, we have had no technical problems with the system and have found Systems Logic staff very knowledgeable and willing to share advise when our staff have questions.