A practice management solution for accounting firms designed and supported by Jetpack Workflow

About Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack helps firms become more productive and profitable by providing a transparent, 360 view of everything that is going on in the firm.

Jetpack Workflow is a recurring client and team management application. You can automate all recurring work, create templates for repetitive processes, track your team and what they’re working on, and never let client work fall through the cracks. A simple interface also means that your team can get up and running in no time! Also included: Document upload, time tracking, email notifications, calendar view, and enhance dashboard view to track the hours within your firm.

Everything is backed by industry leading SSL Certificates to ensure all your information remains safe and secure.

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  • Dashboard: Using Jetpack’s unique dashboard, you can quickly view capacity, output, as well as track overdue jobs and tasks

  • Calendar: Using Jetpack’s Calendar, you’ll be able to manage team capacity, as well as track upcoming jobs and tasks.

  • Jobs: The jobs tab is the heartbeat of Jetpack, where you can setup, track, compete and review work. With hundreds of custom views to create, you and your team can track client work and you will have a full, 360 view of your firm

  • Tasks: The task tab includes a set of filters, sorting, and search options so your team can see the exact steps they need to be working on.

  • Clients: Create client profiles, attached notes, create unlimited custom tags, and much more. Have a complete, up to date database of your clients, and onboarding them in minutes using Jetpack’s templates.

  • Staff: You can setup staff permitted views and roles

  • Reports: Download and export timesheet information

  • Archives: Review all previous work completed


  • 2 year subscription: $25/month/user
  • 1 year subscription: $30/month/user
  • Monthly subscription: $40/month/user

Jetpack also overrs a free 14 day trial.

Starting Price
$25 /user/month

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Jetpack Workflow

Submitted on July 29th, 2015 by Justin

Very simple, easy to use application built for accounting professionals! Other systems are more generic, whereas Jetpack really “gets” accountants

The Good…

The support and setup assistance was awesome. It was very easy to get the team setup and add clients

The Bad…

I wish they had more integrations. The team said they’re actually working on adding integrations into the system, so I hope to see that in the future.