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About NuPro Performance Management

Poor Visibility. Missed Sales. Late deliveries. Sound familiar? Ongoing reliance on poorly integrated systems contributes significantly to these problems. Your companyýs success is based on making the right moves and staying competitive. Effectively managing your companyýs performance hinges on getting the straight and accurate story behind the numbers. An effective corporate performance management system leverages a unified application for all business processes, a centralized database ensuring the highest level of data integrity, and provides critical information in real-time.

Be it corrective, explorative, or otherwise, the features found in NuProýs Corporate Performance Management provides executives with an important resource center and a valuable decision making tool. It sits between these three elements ý past, present, and future. With one eye on the past and another on the future, it allows you to keep your finger on todayýs pulse, by providing you with summaries of key information.

Executive Summary: All of the critical information concerning the company’s operational activities that involve sales, purchasing, production, inventory, receivables, payables, cash flow and financial statements are summarized and displayed in one convenient place. This information-rich environment, coupled with extensive ýdrill down and aroundý capabilities speed decision making, while improving the quality of those decisions. NuPro’s single, complete data model enables sharing of consistent, accurate information throughout the enterprise.

Summary Statuses and Alerts: Managers and executives can monitor day-to-day performance through personalized summaries, non-obtrusive business alerts or email alerts. Also, because it is integrated with your transaction systems, users can navigate directly to any related function of the system to take corrective action, as needed, to prevent surprises.

Financial Statements: Snapshots of up-to-date financial statements are generated. The ability to drill down into specific accounts and further into the originating documents is readily available.

Business Ratios: Key business ratios and statistics are displayed for management to monitor and assess company performance.

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