A web-based software system designed by Valiant Workforce Management Solutions.

About Vision

Vision is the command center of the other Valiant product lines. This product allows you to integrate all of Valiant’s products with each other and track and manage them from a single database. The integration that this product provides allows you to:

  • Minimize the amount of overtime used by anticipating when overtime will be needed beforehand, allowing you to schedule employees in those hours without paying overtime.
  • Predict and view staffing, payroll and HR problems before they happen allowing you to adjust and eliminate excess expenses.
  • Monitor overtime by comparing scheduled hours on a specific date with the days immediately before and after the work shift.
  • Perform sophisticated job-costing analysis allowing you to view your real labor costs before the week or month begins
  • Build your schedules and set them up for automatic updates for future weeks. These adjustments can be based on workloads and specific job requirements. This then enables you to perform multiple pay rates across multiple locations.
  • Automatically track and react to business rules
  • Reconcile payroll to billing
  • Track employee performance

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