PlanetPress Connect

A software system designed by Objectif Lune.

About PlanetPress Connect

PlanetPress Connect automates and personalizes outbound transactional communications. It can help you with the entire communication process from document composition and enhancement to distribution and transmission via any channel, to archiving and reporting. Everything can be automated, and with the ability to go digital every step of the way. PlanetPress Connect maps all data across multiple systems while sitting inside the host IT environment, reducing the risk of privacy breaches.

PlanetPress Connect from Objectif Lune solves the challenge of integrating ERP, LOB or mainframe systems.

Video Overview

Primary Features of PlanetPress Connect

  • Accepts nearly any type of data input including a wide range of print streams
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy workflow tools
  • Variable data printing
  • Multichannel output
  • PDF tools
  • Automated tasks and workflow
  • Metadata
  • Searches for and retrieves documents
  • Compatible with various systems and software

Target Market

  • Medium companies in accounts receivable departments
  • Companies with 20-500 employees


  • The cost of PlanetPress Connect will be based on a Price Per Server and allow for unlimited users
  • Purchased upfront or subscription-based pricing available
  • Starts near $500/month and will vary from regions
  • Free trial available

Product Overview

User Reviews of PlanetPress Connect

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