A platform-based software for innovative production planning


  • Cloud or on-premises
  • Detailed digital scheduling
  • Minimizes maintenance costs


With the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) FEDRA, customers can plan both simple operations and complex production orders quickly and flexibly. FEDRA is a platform-based software for innovative production planning. It uses state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). Especially in complex scenarios, FEDRA uses reinforcement learning, an established AI method, to optimally distribute a large number of operations among the available resources.

APS FEDRA consists of several Manufacturing Apps (mApps) that can be combined with each other in any way based on the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP). Together, the mApps represent a wide range of functions.

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Detailed Scheduling

  • Use Detailed Scheduling to replace your analog scheduling solution with a digital representation featuring intuitive drag & drop operation.
  • Assisted Planning provides optional functions that create transparency and help you to plan efficiently.
  • Thanks to a graphical display, you can also use Workload Analysis function to see at once how heavily your production is being utilized.
  • Work Order Management enables you to create and manage orders directly in FEDRA.

Advanced Resource Planning

  • FEDRA Workforce Planning lets companies implement their personnel deployment planning irrespective of machine utilization.
  • Secondary Resource Planning also regards tools and auxiliary means in the planning and provides greater transparency.
  • Use the Integrated Workforce Planning to bring production planning in line with personnel deployment.
  • Use the Predictive Material Planning to visualize indirect order dependencies by checking material relationships. With Predictive Material Planning you can keep an eye on material supply with this function.
  • Energy Demand Planning helps you to manage your peak loads and thus avoids penalties for energy procurement.

Workforce Planning

  • Use Workforce Planning to specify which employees will process the planned orders based on their qualifications. As an option, the availability of qualified personnel can be factored into the order planning process
  • Use Workforce Management to create and manage employees and their qualifications directly in FEDRA.

Advanced Process Modeling

  • Functions from Campaign Planning help to reduce setup costs by optimizing the sequence of operations
  • You can plan several operations in parallel on one workplace with Connected Production Planning and thus achieve a higher machine utilization.
  • Setup Optimized Planning calculates the setup times based on machine occupancy and helps to optimize the sequence. This makes the overall planning more realistic.
  • Individual Verified Planning ensures that your production specifications are included in the planning process.
  • You can use the Operation Splitting function to close gaps in the planning scenario more effectively and to achieve higher capacity utilization in production
  • Cross Order Planning shows dependencies that apply to all orders in production planning and thereby given you greater planning reliability.
  • You can use Multiple Resource Mapping to include both specific capacity demands and the actual available one. This function also makes it possible to assign resources several times.

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