A report writer application designed by AppFinity Software for commercial & service and distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About WARM

AppFinity Web Access Report Management (WARM) is an e-solution that utilizes the functionality of Visual AccountMate’s (VAM) reporting features through Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) browsers. WARM enables you to access your VAM information online and offers the flexibility to get meaningful and real-time reports from any location worldwide.

With report interfaces similar to VAM, no training is required for WARM users. Simply define access rights for WARM users and it’s done.

Features Include:

Compatibility With AccountMate Products

WARM has been designed for VAM/SQL 5 and AccountMate 6 for SQL/MSDE. It integrates with Microsoft Internet Information Services and obtains information from the company databases stored in MS SQL Server. The reports, when accessed from the Web, have similar interfaces and previews as those in VAM. Reports can be printed or saved to a file for later use.

Extended Security per User Level

WARM requires a password for each user to access reports from the Internet. This feature prevents unauthorized access to your business transactions and financial reports.

The WARM Administrator controls users’ ability to set up a new report macro, change or amend existing criteria in report macros, limit the reports they can access, and restrict the report macro criteria they can change. What’s more, if users do not have access to certain reports, they will not see the report option on the screen.

Limit User’s Access Rights to Generate Specific Report Information

In WARM, you can define specific information that a user can generate. For example, when printing an invoice, you can limit the users to generate just their own customers’ invoices. In this case, when users click the Customer # Lookup button in the Report Interface window, they will only be able to view the customer numbers assigned to them. This is made possible by creating a macro for each user. You can then limit users’ access to their own macro.

Reports Are Available 24 X 7 Online

Through WARM, your sales force in the field can now keep track of their daily sales and look up accurate product price and availability via the Internet. For example, they can run Sales Order Line Item Reports and the Inventory Price Listing from the Internet. In addition, while at the customer site and closing an order, sales professionals can review the customer¡s history by accessing the Customer Transaction Listing and Customer Statement, and eventually collect outstanding balances. With WARM, while on the road, vacation or just out of the office, business owners can quickly review and analyze timely financial reports.

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