BizInsight Desktop Edition

A business intelligence application.

About BizInsight Desktop Edition

Imagine, the power to pull in massive amounts of data. Thousands of rows, millions of cells. A large ERP system, with connections to multiple data sources, data warehouses, huge transfer speeds used to be the norm. Enter BizInsight, Desktop Edition. Now you can get data from any data source import it into Excel, and report against it faster, easier, and better than ever before.

The Reporting Process Just Went Turbo.

Creating reports just got way faster and easier- open Excel with Desktop, import your data, and use BizInsight’s intuitive interface to slice,dice and format it just the way you need it, and the boardroom likes it. No Pivot tables, no cut and paste; just a fast, easy way to get the job done.

Fully Interactive, Fully Connected

Import all the data you need. Drill down on any cell and see everything. Answer questions at the speed of thought. You’re in control all the time. Keep everything current with live, in-memory connections.

Any Data You Need to Report On? BizInsight, Desktop Is Ready for It.

Need to run Inventory reports? How about a report on your internet usage? Or, you need to manage a project. Maybe do some budgeting analysis? BizInsight is ready for them all – it is a data workhorse. Bring the data in, format it, and create beautiful, boardroom ready reports. Faster than ever before.

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