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About Cafe Moba


Choose from a range of interactive visualizations, including pie graphs, line/bar charts with double ‘y’ axes, waterfall P&Ls, and bubble charts.

Information can be sourced from enterprise apps (ERP, BI, CRM) residing inside the company, flat-file spreadsheets, dynamic content residing in a private or public cloud, or feeds accessed on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).

cafe moba’s engine connects these information sources to create sophisticated analytic workflows with both an internal and external perspective.


Cafe moba is native-built in both the iOS and Windows 8 environments. Both have a grid and component layout, making it shareable across platforms, but each maintains UI elements, navigation, and gestures that are unique to the operating system.

On the back-end, cafe moba’s engine manages all data sources, connections, business modeling, user profiles, permissions hierarchies already established in other apps, and data security.

Cafe moba can be used in either connected or ‘disconnected’ mode. Data is synchronized when a connection to the cafe moba engine is re-established.

User Experience

Users have the ability to personalize their own workflows by choosing component types, customizing and adding graph axes, re-arranging the order or layout of grid components, or by adding new information sources to the dashboard. This can be done in real time on the device, without the need for a desktop interface.

With cafe moba’s powerful selector technology, multiple data sources can be connected. As the user selects from a list of customers, for example, components as diverse as revenues, orders, receivables, LinkedIn profiles, and news feeds can be displayed instantly and simultaneously. To achieve greater insight, users can link multiple selectors to reveal connections between information sources.

Any dashboard component can be viewed in full-screen mode where greater detail can be viewed, lists associated with graphical data can be displayed, color can be personalized, data measures can be changed, or settings can be adjusted.


Cafe moba was designed to be rapidly configured and implemented. Because it’s pre-built to pull in multiple data sources, it can be as quick as pointing your data sources at cafe moba and turning it on!

Cafe moba was also built with specialty IT self-service tools like attribute tagging and bookmarking. Implementers can create custom workflows without writing a single line of code.

Fully configured implementations of cafe moba can be achieved within days or weeks - not months.

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