Cloud and on-premise reporting, budgeting and forecasting.


CALUMO is a reporting, budgeting and forecasting application for accountants. With CALUMO, organizations can report, budget, forecast and plan their financial, sales, operations, manufacturing, projects, (the list is very long), easily and quickly. CALUMO comes as one complete product with no upselling because you hate that. CALUMO is one unified product, with all components from dashboards, reports, input templates, Excel, Word and PowerPoint integration, and ad-hoc analysis designed and coded by CALUMO.

The name CALUMO is derived from Keleuma (kel-yoo-mah), a Greek word meaning the song, chant or command given by the chief oarsmen that gives power and rhythm to the rowers. In the same vein, CALUMO empowers people, facilitating unification and collaboration to achieve optimum performance.

CALUMO, has embraced Excel rather than remove it. Excel is ubiquitous in every organization for reporting and analysis so excluding Excel as a key tool in the reporting toolkit is a huge mistake. To embrace Excel, they integrate tightly using special CALUMO formula that links to your live data, so you know those spreadsheets are always correct. CALUMO truly enables one version of the truth.

CALUMO’s Web and Excel interfaces makes learning CALUMO extremely fast. Users love viewing their reports on the iPhones and iPads, the same reports they can see on their PC’s and Mac’s. Knowing these reports are linked to live data gives peace of mind compared the PDF or Excel reports users often have to wade through before finding the right, yet outdated, report.

CALUMO’s ability to integrate and consolidate any data source is very powerful. Your data may be in Excel spreadsheets, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, NetSuite, ADP, POS systems, the list goes on, CALUMO can connect and consolidate. From real-time data feeds to daily or weekly snapshots, CALUMO will deliver data to your reports on demand.

The use of data cubes and in memory tables is another powerful advantage CALUMO holds over its competitors. Data cubes are up to 100 times faster than traditional relational databases.

The Daily Life of CALUMO Users

Reporting Without CALUMO

A query comes in from the CEO asking about Net Profit and Sales for a region and a set of products and as the accountant, it’s your job to deliver the report. Without CALUMO, you export data from the sales system and the ERP reporting system into Excel. You then manipulate the data, map it, consolidate it, update it with newer data, and the report is ready a couple of days later. Sometimes you even have to wait a week or two on IT to send you missing data. By the time the CEO gets the report, she has forgotten why she asked for it.

Reporting With CALUMO

You click on the Browse button in the CALUMO ribbon in Excel, and you select the General Ledge data cube and the Sales data cube. You make your selections for rows and columns and title selectors. That takes you 5 minutes to get the layout perfect and the right data selections. Then you transfer that view to Excel. The unique CALUMO formula in Excel keeps you connected to the data cubes, and now you can format the report for perhaps 20 minutes until it’s perfect. Next you click the Publish button on the CALUMO ribbon in Excel, which converts the report to a web page instantly. Then you share that web report with the CEO via email or your favorite collaboration tool and she can view and interact with the report with live data. You just created a report that the CEO can use every day because she can drill down to detail as she desires and it’s always got the current data in about 25 minutes.

Budgeting and forecasting with CALUMO is just as easy as reporting. The reporting cubes are used for your budgeting. They add budgeting logic, which are calculations, to the cubes, and then security is applied so people only have access to their areas and can’t overwrite actuals. Input templates are just as fast to create as reports using the same process, so you don’t have anything new to learn.

Product Overview

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