Cetova Financial Analytics (C-FAR)

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A business intelligence application designed by Cetova.

About Cetova Financial Analytics (C-FAR)

C-FAR is a fully-integrated reporting and analysis system that provides fast, accurate reporting capabilities from the web and Excel.

Because C-FAR does not require a data warehouse, it is cheap and easy to maintain. When new accounts are added to the ERP platform, they’re automatically pulled into the C-FAR system.

Cetova customers see major benefits by performing consolidations in C-FAR; automating Excel integration and eliminating manual re-keying; providing finance and managerial staff with the ability to create and edit reports; eliminating the need for data integration and OLAP maintenance; and using a single reporting system across companies and ERP instances. Cetova provides general ledger applications for leading ERP systems. Cetova can be integrated in days with most ERP systems including:

  • JD Edwards (World and OneWorld)
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Lawson
  • PeopleSoft
  • Great Plains
  • Coda
  • Mincom
  • Masterpiece

Product Highlights:

  • Create reports with a spreadsheet-like drag-and-drop application
  • Distribute reports immediately
  • Run formatted reports via Excel, the Web, or in PDF format
  • Reduce technical maintenance time and cost erp solutions

Quick-hit ROI:

  • Installation and training complete within 2 weeks
  • Minimal disruption to business processes and underlying ERP system
  • No additional technical infrastructure or data warehouse needed

Product Overview

User Reviews of Cetova Financial Analytics (C-FAR)

Submitted on April 24th, 2014 by an anonymous Cetova Financial Analytics (C-FAR) user.

C-FAR from Cetova is a consolidated financial reporting software suite that let’s you query your database as well as that of JD Edwards. It allows you to write and output easy to use reports based on the pulled information.

The Good…

I was pleasantly surprised by their interface. C-FAR adopts an incredibly graspable drag and drop interface that’s punctuated by familiar excel-like functionality. Writing concise reports manually before was an absolute abject nightmare, and I’m absolutely blown away by the amount of time I’ve cut down from making the entire process relatively automated. All you need to do is put what you want, where you want, and the application handles all the behind-the-scenes SQL Statements. I’m easily most impressed by the level of support I encountered, at no point when I had an issue or a question was I left waiting. As long as you contact them during the business day, the support team seems to always be available and is even willing to remote desktop to your machine.

The Bad…

The software has a bit of a learning curve. While if you’re at least somewhat versed in Finance and Computing you shouldn’t have much of a problem, users with little to no report-building experience will need training. (Which Cetova provides)